What does pendant key mean

Pendant is a universal decoration. And they come in different types - pendants, talismans, medallions, aroma medallions, etc. Out of this variety stands out a pendant in the shape of a key. And this is not just an ornament or a key to some kind of lock. The key hides a special meaning in itself and even has a magical meaning.

Key Pendant - Short Description

The pendant is made of metal, sometimes decorated with stones or rhinestones. The head is made in different forms - the usual, in the form of a clock, flower, heart, crown and other thematic or decorative elements. Stones can be scattered over the entire surface, and can only be on the head.

The size of the key is also different - from large: 5-6 cm, for neck chains or handbags, to small: 1-1.5 cm for earrings, bracelet or phone.

They are sold in the form of jewelry made of precious metals or bijouterie alloys, decorated with precious or synthetic stones, crystals.

Symbolic meaning

The value of the key is double. On the one hand, it symbolizes a secret, allows you to hide something from prying eyes and ears. But since the key is also able to open doors, and not just lock, the second meaning of the suspension is the opening of new horizons, a new stage in life and openness to people and everything new.

In Christianity, the key means power and a higher power.

REFERENCE! On Christian icons depicting St. Peter, the Apostle Jesus, there are silver and gold keys. And in the coat of arms of the Pope, 2 crossed keys are the keys to the gates of heaven.

In medieval Europe, the key was a symbol of humility and surrender. This is due to the fact that then each city was surrounded by fences and had entrance gates that were locked from enemies and unwanted guests. During the attack, the defeated city gave the keys to the winner and thereby surrendered to him.

But today these symbols are not relevant. Rather, a lover can give a half such a pendant, symbolizing the key from the heart.

The musical, treble clef symbolizes the love of creativity. The Golden Key pendant speaks of a dreamy nature and a fighter for justice.

Magical meaning

Our ancestors wore it to attract good luck and protection from evil forces. The key itself is a symbol of masculinity, and therefore it is endowed with the ability to protect. For this purpose, it is better to purchase a jewelry made of silver, in this case, the value of the pendant will enhance the protective ability of the metal. And if you put 3 keys on a chain - this will help strengthen your health and financial condition, as well as find a couple or rally relations with your existing soulmate.

To protect the baby, a golden pendant is placed in the baby's crib. And to enhance the reproductive function of men, it must be put under the mattress.

REFERENCE! Solomon’s key cannot be worn as an ornament. It is hidden in a bag and is used only by people with magical abilities.

A pendant in the form of a key will become a talisman and will help to overcome obstacles to the goal and open up new opportunities. He will also help to find a way out in a difficult situation.

In magical matters, pendant material plays a large role:

  • gold - will give self-confidence, will attract good luck in a new business. Protect from negativity;
  • silver - helps to quickly acquire new knowledge and direct them in the right direction. For this reason, it is suitable for students and schoolchildren. And for a person starting a business, a silver talisman will come in handy, for the same reasons;

IMPORTANT! If you decide to hang a bunch of keys in the house to protect against quarrels and unwanted guests, do not outweigh it from place to place. Otherwise, the amulet will lose its strength.

  • Crystal pendant is suitable for psychics and mediums, as well as for writers. He will become a conductor to knowledge that is not accessible to everyone.

If you are characterized by excessive shyness, and this prevents you from communicating with the opposite sex, attach the key to the bracelet. Such a talisman will increase self-confidence, and if you put it on your leg, it will also add attractiveness and sexuality. And this always has a positive effect on communication with men.