What does a burgundy pencil skirt go with?

The pencil skirt remains a classic of business style and the sophistication of the output wardrobe: length and material allow you to vary the same style. In burgundy, she is out of competition! So, with what to combine it?

How to combine a burgundy pencil skirt?

Burgundy is not one specific color. Understanding shades is a matter of specialists, and they know the difference between Marsala, Brazil, burgundy ... For ordinary mortals, it is obvious that the colors of Bordeaux wines can be:

  • bright;
  • saturated;
  • muffled dark.

The ensemble, whether business or evening, will depend on the chosen shade. Matte colors are good for an office suit, more saturated and vibrant - for a weekend.

Important! When choosing a color, you should take into account the texture of the fabric for the product. The dark shades of expensive fabrics (velvet or satin) are capable, overflowing, to demonstrate a rich color palette.

The generally recognized ability of a pencil to emphasize the beauty of a female figure and mask flaws is especially demonstrating itself in a burgundy design. While maintaining a certain rigor, the image is moderately sexy and sophisticatedly catchy. Having picked up a shirt or blouse made of light fabrics, a jacket or a jacket to the fitting style of the skirt, complementing the ensemble with classic shoes and a strict bag, it will turn out to create a successful business image.

A burgundy knit skirt will serve as an excellent basis for a casual look, combining perfectly with a jacket and jacket, coat and cloak.

Need a smart kit? Combine the elongated style of a bright-colored skirt with a lace bodice (corset, blouse) in dark colors.

Choosing the colors of the ensemble, one must remember the self-sufficiency of burgundy . If the thing selected for the skirt is of a contrasting color, then it should not clog the "soloist" with itself. Combinations are possible:

  • with beige: rich burgundy will be softly muffled;
  • with black: concise and strict;
  • with white: burgundy will show all its luxury;
  • with pink: being distant relatives, the shades get along well with each other;
  • with gray: not too sharp contrast will give femininity;
  • with blue: exquisite and sophisticated;
  • with yellow: bold and bright.

Important! Doubting the selection of colors, you can stop at a win-win trio: burgundy-white-beige.


This skirt looks particularly impressive, stylish and expensive. Different ensemble options are possible:

  • business: a strict knee-length style is combined with a black classic shirt (turtleneck) and heeled boats, a minimum of discreet jewelry;
  • universal: leather skirt + white blouse + beige coat + black boots;
  • youth: a skirt above the knee + topic with a bright print + moccasins with leggings + denim jacket.

From velvet

The luxury of this outfit is especially appropriate at celebrations (with a lace or satin top and exquisite shoes), but everyday and business options are possible: for the first case, knitted upper materials are suitable, for the second - a blouse made of lightweight fabrics of moderate cut, prints and colors.

Important! Velvet can not stand the neighborhood with an abundance of jewelry! Velvet accessories are not allowed - bag, hat, hairpins.

From tweed

Suit fabrics are good for every day and in the office. Combinations are possible both with a sweater and a turtleneck, and with a jacket and jacket. For example:

  • skirt + gray or beige turtleneck (sweater) + black shoes, a leather belt is good from accessories;
  • skirt + blouse (shirt) of light tones + black or dark brown jacket.

From lace

Obviously ceremonial option - elegant and airy. The top material can be light and intentionally heavier - velvet corsage, brocade bodice. With this design style, the luxurious golden color of the top is also suitable. Minimalist sandals will look most harmonious of shoes.

However, you can create a contrasting image, picking up a topic for a lace skirt, leather jackets and boots on rough soles. Massive chains and bracelets complete the look.

Important! The lace of a long skirt can suffer from the proximity to the metal fittings of shoes.

Possible accessories

It’s nice to have a lot of beige, white and black things: handbags and gloves, a hat and a scarf ...

Good jewelry made of pearls and pearls. The garnet bracelet or necklace will add special chic to the look. You can wear one thing in addition to the look.

We select shoes

The classic style requires appropriate shoes, especially in the office. But the concept of classics is now ambiguous! Pumps and ballet shoes, loafers and moccasins, oxfords and dorseys - taking into account the age and characteristics of the figure, dress code rules and personal preferences, you can always choose a pair that matches the burgundy “pencil”. Sandals will do.

Important! Stilettos can be chosen only by being able to walk on such heels! Otherwise, not a burgundy skirt, but a hobbling gait will become memorable.

As a street option in the cold season, classic boots with a minimum of accessories and discreet ankle boots are good . The best colors for shoes are black, beige, dark brown, and in special cases, white.

Each material requires a special approach in the preparation of sets, dictating the conditions for the selection of clothes, shoes, accessories.