What to do with an old wallet?

A wallet refers to things that emanate strong energy. It can be negative or positive, it all depends on the identity of the owner and the history of the wallet.

If money was found in it, and it was never empty, then it is not necessary to throw it away and thereby lose the source of good energy. At the same time, there are still cases when one cannot do without an ejection. In some situations, you’ll have to burn an unlucky purse. So where to put it?

How to throw away your old wallet?

You can throw it out only after acquiring a good new wallet and after analyzing the role of the old wallet.

If he was with you in moments of success, promotion at work, or augmentation of his state, then his aura can be useful even after his physical shell has ceased to be functional . You only need to transfer the cash flow from the worn out wallet to the one that was recently acquired.

When transferring, it is very important not to create an artificial barrier to financial flow. To avoid this, a successful tattered accessory is not burned or buried.

Fire and earth cleanse and help put an end to the chain of events. That is, these methods of getting rid of things that have lost their attractiveness are resorted to when a particular thing was a source of turmoil or a witness to tragic life circumstances.

Is it even possible to do this?

If a particular purse brought good luck or money was never transferred in it, then you should not throw away such an “assistant”. Better make a piggy bank out of it. You can get rid of the usual accessory with which financial well-being is not tied. However, this must be done correctly, otherwise you can propagate trouble.

Important! If at home there is already a purse for happiness, then an increase in their number will not contribute to positive changes. In Feng Shui, there is nothing worse than skopidomstva. Cluttering your home is a sure way to doom yourself to failure in all areas, including financial.

Choosing between throwing away your old wallet and transferring it to other people, stop at the first option. This is done even when the purse is almost never used, and it looks like a new one. And you definitely should not make a toy out of a wallet. Parents should never pass on to their children their personal items that carry a strong energy.

Important! Feng Shui gurus insist that old wallets should be disposed of every 12 months. This frequency avoids the accumulation of negative energy and weakening cash flow.

Wallet ejection features

Failure is fraught with the following behavior:

  • demonstration of the contents of the old purse to strangers or relatives;
  • the last withdrawal of money from the wallet in a bad mood;
  • the story that the ceremony was performed.

You do not have to wait for the good, and those who transferred the monetary failure from a battered wallet. If you see a trifle at the intersection, do not raise money . Perhaps they are thrown to the "farmer."

This is a ritual aimed at cleansing the karma of the owner of a worn wallet. The person who raises such money will accept the financial distress of others . Very soon, his wallet, until recently being full, will be empty. Funds will go to the one who performed the ceremony.

Another sign is associated with the start of using a new wallet. The first few days they do not tell anyone about it, they keep the purchase secret . Well, immediately after going to the store you need to look into the old wallet and get a bill of the highest value from it. This money should be spent immediately on inexpensive sweets. Candies are distributed to loved ones and children in the opposite direction.

Important! In no case should you take change. Try to make sure that it does not appear at all. Spend the whole amount on sweets.

Special attention is paid to the wallet ejection dreams. If the wallet was very old, worn out and with holes, then this is a warning . Events are coming that will shake financial well-being. Moreover, this strip of failures will be difficult to overcome. You have to save and save a lot.

Even more misfortune promises an unintentional parting with a wallet. A similar plot in a dream is a harbinger of bankruptcy. But the dream, in which there was a bright red purse, is considered an omen of joyful changes. First of all, financially.

Important! Burgundy is a good shade for a purse. Feel free to purchase a model of such a color if you intend to increase your fortune or achieve a promotion in the service.

Rituals that help you get rid of your old wallet

The first rite will say goodbye to an unlucky thing. If the wallet was empty all the time, and money flowed out of it with water, then you need to wait for the waning moon. The phase is ideal for interventions aimed at curbing and completing.

On such a day, go to the room and make sure that no one follows you . Being alone with yourself, get all the money from the purse that has served. These funds will need to be distributed within a few days (be sure to do this with a calm heart, do not be greedy and do not worry). It is important to meet deadlines so that the moon does not have time to begin to grow.

Important! Banknotes and coins for alms are not transferred to the purse purchased for replacement. They are placed in the simplest package, which they then get rid of.

As soon as the money is distributed, you need to wrap the old wallet in a dense black rag and whisper over it:

Thank you for the service. I give poverty and need.

Whispering the right words, burn the purse, and bury the ashes from it. But do not do this near the house. The farther the pit will be located from your home, the better .

The second ritual will help to get out of the debt hole. The rite will benefit those who have a lot of loans and because of them they have to deny everything to themselves. In order for this life span to end soon and succeed, you need to do the following:

  • put the old wallet at home and do not touch it for 3 days;
  • at the end of the term, pick up, take out all the money from the wallet and count it;
  • shift the wallet to the windowsill;
  • to say: I am profit. You are power ;
  • take the highest denomination banknote from the purse and spend it on gifts to relatives ( this must be done within the first 6 days from the moment of transferring the wallet );
  • if change is left from purchases, then put it in the pile that is on the window;
  • in a week from the moment of shifting to the windowsill, get all the money from the wallet, and bury the wallet in the ground.

Important! Other family members should also not pick up or touch the purse.

Ideally, the instillation process should fall on the waning moon.

With a wallet that you decide to postpone and not throw away because of its good aura, you need to carry out the following ceremony:

  • get all the money out of it;
  • insert a note or coin of a low denomination;
  • remove the purse away;
  • get the wallet in a month;
  • replace the banknote or coin with a more expensive one;
  • clean again for 30 days;
  • repeat the procedure for a year.

At the end of this period, the enclosed bill, no matter how high its denomination, does not seem significant to you, your financial condition will improve.

What conspiracies need to be “applied”?

The cherished words that are uttered when burning a bad wallet:

Burn the red flame

Woe, take poverty.

What lay in you - triple it

What has not happened in you - let it appear.

Let it be as I say!

At the end of the plot, a fixing word is used: Amen . Pronounce it three times.

Important! Rituals and conspiracies work only for people who at the time of the action were in harmony with themselves. You can’t worry, think bad or be skeptical. You should also notify loved ones so that they do not touch money or wallets that will be in strange places unusual for them.

How to attract "money" to a new wallet?

It is very important not to turn it into a universal container of small things. Important notes, checks, discount cards and photos do not have a place in the wallet. It should contain only money, nothing else.

It also matters when you buy a new item. The right decision will be to purchase it for the New Year. Other good times for going to the store:

  • days of the growing moon (but not 9 lunar days);
  • Thursday (the day of the week is under the auspices of Jupiter, which in turn is responsible for financial stability);
  • 2nd and 3rd day after the new moon.

Important! Adverse moments for buying a purse include a solar and lunar eclipse, Sunday, Satanic lunar days and the period of retrograde motion of the planets.

In terms of attracting money, a lot depends on goals and expense items . If the bulk of the money is spent on household needs, then a visit to the store should be postponed until the moon is in the phase of Libra or Taurus. Those who spend the budget on entertainment, tourism and objects associated with creative activities should wait for the phase of Sagittarius, Aries or Leo. Financial stability through saving and saving requires the Virgo phase.

It is worth paying attention to your own attitude to the purchase . It is very bad when the need to choose a new wallet causes strong negative emotions. It is necessary to take it easier to replace the old purse and to the expenses associated with it. Assure yourself that such a purchase is the right investment.

Give money to the seller with a light soul, otherwise they will not return . And do not take change from the cashier. Especially if it is coins or banknotes of low denomination. Like attracts like. For a good start, small things do not fit.

Important! The wallet does not apply to accessories that you can save on. In their case, it is better to overpay than to take a low-quality thing from quickly worn matter. Extra money is often found in a purse made of natural materials. For example, leather.

If the seller insistently asks for change, whisper the following words:

A trifle will not disappear from me, and even more money will come to me.

Rituals will further strengthen the connection of the accessory with cash flow. The following things are done with the new wallet:

  • Mint oil is dripped onto its lining. After that, the Chi energy is activated.
  • Fumigate with St. John's wort on a new moon.
  • Clover or its image is placed in it. The plant should have 4 leaves.
  • Decorated with precious stones of green shade.
  • A large bill is placed in it, on which the formula is written: face value x 27 = ∞. The bill must be issued by the bank of the home country.
  • Put in it a dollar or 1 cent, received from a rich person.
  • The first money intended for expenses is deposited with the words: “ Save and multiply .”

A foreign banknote issued by a domestic bank is not suitable for payment . They are stored separately from each other and from money for everyday needs. It is also important to ensure that the department with financial resources for everyday needs is never empty. Even if you switched to cards and do not use cash at all, carry a nominal ruble in your wallet.