What to do if zipper opens on jeans?

Jeans are undoubtedly a very comfortable wardrobe item. Unpretentious, wearproof, durable and well tolerating frequent washing. The picture is evolving, but in this barrel there is a spoon of honey. In the case of jeans, the fly is the spoon. If the lightning fails, it will not work easy to replace it. The process is very time-consuming and requires the ability to work with a sewing machine. If you do not have such experience, then try to solve the problem with the fastener using one of the methods below.

Ways to make jeans zipper tighter

Most of the proposed solutions are temporary, that is, the methods presented do not solve the root cause, but simply allow you to delay the replacement of the fastener, postpone it to a more convenient time. This minute will come sooner if you do not properly care for the lightning . For example, you will not periodically lubricate it. A slow move, paradoxically as it sounds, often leads to an expansion of the dog’s wings. The runner, constantly encountering an obstacle in his path, becomes loose and wears out much faster than the norm.

Using a key ring or elastic

The solution for those who spontaneously drops a dog . To prevent it from sliding down, take out the tongue of the slider (bite it with some tool) and place an elastic band or a key ring in its place. Then fasten the zipper to the very top and hook the improvised tongue onto the jeans button, then fasten the button already.

Important! If the "native" slider tongue has a hole, then it will turn out to get out of a difficult situation without biting it. It remains only to hook an elastic band or ringlet into this hole.

Pull the slider

If the dog’s flaps are too wide, and this can be determined by unzipping the flip and the flimsy fit of the runner, then the pull-up will return them to their working condition. Manipulation can be carried out in 2 ways:

  1. With a hammer. Spread the item on a flat surface that will withstand the impact of the tool. Close the zipper to half (if it is parted, it’s okay). Hold the slider with pliers (try not to grab the tongue of the dog) and hit with a hammer from above (not hard). Try to fasten the lock again. If this does not work, repeat the manipulation.
  2. Pliers. Place the tool on one side of the dog, hold it down (no need to put a lot of effort, act carefully). Then repeat the procedure with the other half.

The first method is suitable exclusively for metal lightning, plastic will crack from direct exposure to a hammer . You also need to consider that not every dog ​​tongue can withstand the procedure, so it makes sense to remove it in advance. If this is not possible, then do not use pliers to clamp the entire surface of the slider, grab only its top.

Important! Regardless of the method of pressing, do not repeat the procedure more than 2 times. The lightning dog is simply not designed for such an impact. It will either crack or begin to diverge even more actively. The latter does not appear immediately, but when worn.

When tightening, you need to remember that between the slider shutters there should be enough space for the smooth movement of the slider . If you squeeze too hard, the dog will either start tearing the fabric of lightning, or it will go tight.

Spray with hair spray

The method is mainly used when the sudden detection of problems with the base of the lightning. That is, in cases where it is not possible to immediately carry out normal repair of the fastener, but you need to somehow hide the presence of a problem . To mask it, spray a large amount of hairspray on the base of the zipper and let the layer harden. Then go home as soon as possible and change clothes.

The product applied in this way will show adhesive qualities as it dries. It will hold the teeth together, but this fixation will not be reliable. A sharp or sloppy movement will cause the teeth to start to diverge again.

Make a stop

The solution in case the lower zipper retainer is lost or the cloves located close to the base are bent and because of this the fastener becomes difficult to unfasten. To fix the defect, do the following:

  • outline the place where the stopper is needed (either slightly above the base, or above the bent teeth);
  • take the thread and corner;
  • repeatedly sew the same place;
  • fix the thread with a knot.

Important! The thread should fit snugly against the zipper. Insufficiently tight knots cannot hold the fastener.

Drip with glue

Another option for those who just want to get to a safe place and not face the dirt, appearing in front of strangers with an open fly. To avoid an unpleasant incident, apply superglue to the base of the fastener and let it dry completely. As soon as this happens, hurry home and change into normal jeans.


If the zipper is unfastened due to a slight bending of the teeth in a limited space, you must try to return the teeth to their original shape. This will help the hammer. Tap them gently on the deformed area. Before handling, do not forget to spread the jeans on a flat unbreakable surface.

Fasten a pin

The method is identical to the variant with a gum put into place of the tongue, only a pin is used here. After threading it is brought up and cling to the belt.

Important! The method is dangerous. A pin from the pressure exerted on it can unfasten and dig into the stomach.

When is it worth changing a zipper?

Missing or severely bent teeth, torn tape - evidence of critical wear on the fastener . You can’t do without drastic measures even with a strong curvature of the entire fastener and the appearance of traces of rust on it. In other situations, it is worth trying to use one of the above life hacks.

What if the zipper diverges on the trousers?

If the trousers are female and keep exclusively on the zipper, then, most likely, the problem is not in the fastener itself, but in incorrectly sized clothes . Simply put, the wardrobe item is small. Therefore, no matter what clasp you sew, it will quickly begin to diverge. There is only one way to postpone this moment: to sew on a button or holding hooks.

If we are talking about children's school trousers, then pay attention to the degree of fitting things. Loose-fitting trousers can be sewn with a zipper. To do so is only worth it if the child can take off his uniform without resorting to fastening his pants.