What to do if a shirt has sat down after washing

Shrinkage after washing is a very unpleasant phenomenon. Often this results in the wrong washing mode. You can fix the situation. It is important to know how to prevent the deformation of the product and what to do to restore the product to its previous appearance.

Sat shirt after washing: what to do?

There are many different methods to eliminate shrinkage. The choice of the final method depends on the quality and type of fabric. Therefore, it is recommended to act carefully, taking one of the methods.

Popular ways to solve the problem of shrinkage of the shirt after washing

Depending on the type of fabric, the final method of returning the shirt to its previous appearance will be chosen. If the product is woolen, the following options are suitable:

  1. Water. Just soak the product for a while and squeeze slightly. Spread a terry towel and place the item on it. Wait for it to dry completely.
  2. Milk. Hand wash the shirt in milk and rinse. Gently squeeze and place on a towel until it dries.
  3. Freezing Powder for woolen things is mixed with water and immersed in the product solution. After rinsing and spinning, place the items in a plastic bag. Send the package in the freezer for the day. Remove and leave the shirt as it is until it is fully thawed. Then it unfolds, placed on a towel and left to dry.

Reference! Do not pull the item until it is completely dry. Otherwise, the deformation will be stronger.

If the shirt is made of natural material, it is worth using the following methods:

  1. Vinegar and hair conditioner. Soak your clothes in the air conditioner and wait until they are thoroughly soaked. Wet the sponge with 3% vinegar and blot the item, gently stretching it in the right areas. Do everything carefully, do not pull hard. The clothes should be rinsed several times in air-conditioned water.
  2. Peroxide. It is mixed with water in a ratio of 20 ml per 10 liters of liquid. In the resulting solution, place the product and leave for several hours. After slightly squeezed and sent to dry on a towel.

Additionally, after these methods, it is worth ironing the clothes using the steaming mode.

How to prevent a shirt from sitting down after washing

In order not to be interested in how to fix a thing that has sat down, it is important to know about measures to help avoid problems:

  1. Examine the tags on the clothes. They have the right care information, including laundry.
  2. The optimum temperature is 30 degrees. But the exact indicators depend on the type of fabric. The indicated temperature will not allow the product to sit.
  3. Items made of natural wool should be bought a size larger. They are always a bit shrink at the first wash.

Why shirts sit down after washing

Shrinkage occurs during the deformation of the smallest fibers of which any fabric consists. Their structure does not differ in ideal durability. External force can disperse by letting water through. When the material dries the fibers stick together, there is no air between them. If they connect unevenly, then in addition to a decrease in size, the shirt will be skewed.

What parameters increase the likelihood of shrinkage or deformation of the shirt after washing

Among the factors that increase the likelihood of shrinkage, note:

  1. Used fabric. Naturals are more prone to a similar problem.
  2. Violation of tips on a care tag.
  3. Incorrect drying of the shirt.

Optimum washing temperature (depending on material)

The choice of temperature depends on the type of material:

  1. Cotton, flax. 40 degrees is suitable if there is no other information on the label.
  2. Synthetics. In the range of 40 to 50.
  3. Colored. Maximum 40 degrees in delicate mode.
  4. Silk. No more than 30 degrees.
  5. Dark. The maximum washing temperature is 40.

Gentle detergents

To reduce the likelihood of such an outcome, it is important to choose the right detergents. It is recommended to use gentle, mildly cleaning material, without causing harm. Be sure to consider the type of fabric, its color.

Correctly selected spin mode

In addition to the temperature, it is important to consider the washing mode. For a shirt, the most suitable is delicate. Therefore, it is worth choosing. The hand wash mode is suitable, allowing you to gently clean things. It is important to fasten all buttons before sending clothes to the machine. Avoid drying mode so as not to crush the product.

The shirt sat down after washing: how to solve the problem as quickly as possible

To speed up the process of returning the shirt to its original appearance, you can use:

  1. Soaking in cool water. 10 minutes is enough. Then put the clothes on yourself and do not remove until dry. Suitable for natural cotton.
  2. The product is turned inside out and is located on the ironing board. Wet gauze is placed on top and challenged with an iron. Keep at a distance of at least 10 cm.

What fabrics used for sewing shirts are the most resistant to deformation and shrinkage?

Synthetics are less prone to shrinkage. Among natural fabrics, less prone to deformation, chintz, satin, silk are noted. If elastin is contained, clothing sits after washing, after a while it will again be the same size. To avoid problems with deformation, it is recommended to follow the care rules indicated on the label. The correct temperature, mode will allow you to keep the product in the same size. But if you didn’t save it, you can correct the situation using the indicated methods.