What to do if shedding bedding

When buying bedding, many choose a bright color. But after the first wash, they are disappointed. Beautiful colors become faded and unappealing in appearance. Sleeping on such a product is unpleasant and harmful - allergies can occur. This happens if the product is of poor quality fabric, or a fake. Problems can be avoided by following some rules. Let's try to figure it out.

Why bedding sheds

The paint is washed off from the fabric or not, depending on how it is stained. Some manufacturers dye the threads from which the fabric will be woven. This method firmly fixes the picture. And even bright linen does not fade. Others apply patterns directly to the canvas. In this case, the effectiveness of the coloring depends on the quality of the dyes. Do not be too lazy to check its quality, without leaving the cash desk. Rub with a damp cloth on the surface - if there are traces of paint, refuse to purchase. After purchasing the product, it is IMPORTANT to follow the washing rules.

How to wash bedding so that it does not fade

We observe the temperature regime. Experienced housewives know how important it is to wash at the right water temperature. Otherwise, you can spoil not only the color, but also the size of the laundry. It will sit down (decrease in size) or stretch. Wash the painted product at a temperature below 40 degrees.

We fix the color. Do not wash white with color. Shedding can be prevented if the fabric color is fixed. Check the laundry for color stability before loading it into the washing machine. Take a pillowcase or sheet from the kit and soak in clean, warm water. If after a few minutes the water changes color, it means the fabric sheds during washing. Take action. Use powders for colored items. Or, a special color fixer. Fortunately, the choice is huge now.

It is important to know - when washing at home, you must observe the correct dosage of excipients. Otherwise, bedding can be ruined.

Return the brightness. It is difficult to achieve the lost brightness of the product. There are special potent remedies. But, you need to use them with caution, according to the instructions. You can use ammonia. Prepare a solution: 20 ml. 5 liters of hot water.

It is important after using the “ammonia” to ventilate the room well! Alcohol is poisonous. Soak the product for an hour and rinse well. Air dry. You can contact the dry cleaning service. Professionals will restore the brightness of the fabric with the help of strong chemicals.

Prevent leaching of dyes

You can restore the brightness of the tissues. But, it is better to prevent this unpleasant occupation and maintain the original color. This should be done immediately after buying a bed.

Citric acid and vinegar. If you notice that during washing the water has colored, rinse in a solution of these products. Citric acid and vinegar have the ability to fix dyes on fabrics. Soak new clothes in vinegar or lemon solution. And add lemon powder to the washing machine, during the washing process. Two tablespoons is enough per liter of water.

To save the color of the bed will help ordinary salt. It is added to the machine when washing. 2 tablespoons per 20 liters of water is enough. Salt removes light impurities and removes unpleasant odors. Therefore, it can replace washing powder for linen and chintz fabrics.

Napkins - color catchers for colored linen. On the shelves of stores appeared assistants against molting. Special napkins. They will not allow molting. They are put together with the laundry in the car. Wipes are a trap for dirt and paint.