What to do if rhinestones fall off in diamond embroidery?

Carried away by laying out the now fashionable diamond mosaic, it's hard to stop. It is annoying when the appearance of the picture deteriorates due to fallen off rhinestones! What if they fall away? How to help do-it-yourself beauty stay the same, read on.

Why do rhinestones fall off?

All the reasons for the instability of the mosaic are reduced to one - the adhesive layer loses its properties. The reasons may be:

  • roughness of the canvas. Important! On sale there are two types of canvases: even due to flat packaging and rolled up . With the first, as a rule, there are no problems, and with them you can start working without delay. Rolls require preliminary alignment: under the press from books or with the help of an iron - not very hot. Be sure through the fabric!
  • sticky dirt;
  • storage without glass and a protective frame - in conditions of steam heating, the glue dries up, and fragments of the mosaic begin to crumble.

Advice! For the design of the finished picture, ordinary glass is also suitable, which any baguette workshop will offer. But ideal is the special anti-glare used in museums - a diamond painting shines on its own!

Suppose, as a result of the mistakes made, the glue became unusable, and the rhinestones fell. Let's try to save the picture with double-sided tape - on a transparent basis: white will close the pattern. Carefully cut out the “patches” and glue them to the empty places. We fix rhinestones on top.

A thin layer of adhesive like “Moment” can also help. Some craftswomen cope with PVA glue, but the result is not guaranteed - you can not calculate the concentration.

To keep the rhinestones ...

... There are a few little tricks! Getting started, do not peel off all the adhesive-protective film immediately . Cutting off sections of the film is only above the finished fragments of the future masterpiece.

Is the sticky layer dirty? The matter is fixable - we take a brush (with a strong pile!) And carefully wash out the place of pollution; It is not forbidden to perform the procedure with clean fingers. After - gently pick up small specks with tweezers, dry the canvas and sculpt rhinestones on it again.

Important! Cotton swabs, discs or paper towels are not suitable for wet processing!

Is the picture ready? We fix the result with an iron, a rolling pin or a press from books: rhinestones will stick better and will last longer. Can be coated with a thin layer of clear acrylic varnish.

Diamond embroidery: tips

The result of the work will please if you follow the simple rules:

  • the adhesive layer protruding beyond the boundaries of the circuit must be protected from contamination by sticking a thin film before starting work;
  • working with rhinestones - square or round - from time to time, trim with a ruler, smoothing irregularities;
  • working with several colors at the same time, sort the rhinestones from each other by color.

Advice! It is better to use not a tray, but any device with cells - a palette, an egg container, packing from sweets.