What to do if pantyhose fall off

Autumn is coming soon, which means that you can’t do without tights. They are warm and comfortable, however, only if they sit well. But what if they endlessly fall, and you are forced to correct them at every step? Let's figure it out!

How tights should sit

The ideal option is when, after putting on tights in the morning, you will not remember them during the day.

  • The model should be the right size.
  • Choose the height of the waist level with a skirt or trousers.
  • Do not pull them all the way to the chin.
  • Seams should not be visible under tight dresses, skirts and other clothes.
  • Keep your foot comfortable.
  • Putting on the selected model, try not to twist the product.

Properly selected tights will not only warm, but also add elegance to your look. True, this will only happen if they do not crawl at the most inopportune moment.

Why tights fall

There are several reasons for the troubles in the form of sliding elastic.

  1. The most obvious option - you have chosen the wrong size . As a rule, if the size of the product is too small, then the fabric will be pulled together and slide down. If they are too large, they do not fit well, and wrinkles form on the material.
  2. The product has low-quality elastic, which does not hold well on the surface of the skin and stretches.
  3. Lotions and creams made the skin very smooth . Because of this, the synthetic fabric slips.

Important! Fabric is not the main cause of slipping. The statement that products made from natural fibers (wool, cotton, etc.) slip and do not hold at all is a myth.

Good tights are held by gum, and also due to its design.

What to do so that they finally stop sliding

Having clarified the reasons, we proceed to eliminate the trouble.

Problem Prevention - Choosing the Right Product

  • Size must be accurate . If he finds himself on the border “more - less”, take the model that is larger. But only 1 size! Do not be afraid that they will sag! This is only possible if you choose too big a thing (2 sizes larger).
  • Give preference to models with a high waist .
  • When choosing new tights, pay attention to the thickness of the elastic . It should be approximately 3-4 cm. Thanks to this detail, the product usually sits and is worn comfortably.

Important! The right choice of model is the most reliable way to save yourself from slipping tights.


I had to shovel a lot of women's chats and forums to find the answer to the question of what to do with sliding tights. What did not come up with and tried fashionistas!

  • Elastic band for extra hold. This is the easiest option. True, calling it successful is unlikely to succeed. Pulling the tights to the desired height, women are trying to tie on top of them, at the waist, underwear. She helps, but not for long!
  • Another option is to hold the synthetic product with underwear or clothing . In this case, panties or trousers are put on over tights. It also gives a minimal effect. Tights will continue to compulsively subside, albeit not so fast.
  • There is another way that is also associated with other clothes. This option is more reliable, but requires preparation. In addition, you will need a small segment of a not very wide braid and a button . On the side seam of a skirt or trousers, the middle of the braid is sewn. At its ends, button details are fixed: base and fastener. After putting on a skirt or trousers, place the top of the tights between the two ends of the ribbon. Then fasten the button, grabbing the fabric through the tights. For reliability, you can use ribbons with buttons on both sides. Of course, sewing on ribbons takes time, but they say that the result is worth it!

We hope you can find a model that will sit like a glove. And if not, you know what to do!