What to do if leggings shine through

Leggings were originally called men's formal trousers made of elk skin (hence the name). In the women's wardrobe, this type of clothing appeared in the 60s of the last century, and they gained real popularity in the 80s. Under the leggings in the modern world, we mean a variety of comfortable pants in a tight-fitting style. Ideally, they should tightly clasp the leg, while not hanging and looking aesthetically pleasing - not to shine through. However, practice shows that many are faced with the problem of screening such pants.

Why do leggings shine through?

This type of clothing can both decorate and hopelessly spoil the image, for example, if the size is incorrectly selected. Too small will be very tight - in this case, they will shine through regardless of the material, too large - can hang out, collecting folds. Also, the main reason for the transmission of such pants is the insufficiently dense fabric, which, when tensioned, becomes very thin and becomes transparent.

This type of trousers is able to flaunt flaws in the selection of underwear. Incorrectly sized panties will dig into the body, and a thick and tight elastic band will emphasize the edges of the laundry - all this will make it well visible through clothes.

Important! The likelihood of translucency with the contrasting color of panties and leggings is greatly increased.

How to avoid tearing leggings:

You can and should wear leggings - this type of clothing is very practical and convenient. However, it is important to be able to choose and wear them correctly. Suitable size, fit and color, dense, elastic material, properly selected underwear will help to avoid translucency. In any case, when wearing tight-fitting trousers outside the gym, it is better to cover the inguinal zone.

What fabric to buy leggings so that they do not shine through

The material should be tight and elastic, in this case the pants will sit well and keep their shape. Pants should fit the leg well, without exposing all the bumps and bumps.

The composition can be natural, synthetic or mixed fabrics:

  • for sports, high-quality synthetics are suitable - elastic, lycra, supplex;
  • for the summer season, home wear - viscose-based knitwear;
  • for the winter season - highly elastic knit with fleece or fur.

Important! A great option for everyday wear - from cotton with the addition of elastane or jersey.

What prints to choose so that leggings do not shine through

Trousers with sublimation prints (when a pattern is implanted in the initially white fabric) are usually dense and do not shine through at all. However, they tend to become whitish with a large stretch - the white material of the inner side of the trousers is translucent, the pattern fades. Regardless of color or print, it is important that the pants are uniformly stained.

Important! Printed leggings better hide visible traces of underwear than plain ones.

The color of the trousers and the applied pattern also affect the translucency. Light shades always shine through more than dark ones.

What color to wear so that leggings do not shine through

The color of the clothes plays a key role when wearing these tight-fitting trousers. The best color is flesh, beige; any other neutral color is possible. Let's say white for light shades and black for dark, preferably without drawings and patterns.

Important! Panties with a bright print for leggings are not recommended to be worn.

To panties do not stand out, they must be in size: not too tight so as not to crash into the body, and not too loose so as not to form knolls and folds. Perhaps you should opt for a string or shorts - they will be less noticeable. You can also pay attention to seamless panties - they are almost invisible under clothes thanks to special laser processing.