What to do if jeans are stretched out on your knees

Surely you also love jeans! And how not to get attached to these durable and practical trousers - especially since they give comfort and at the same time make you look elegant. What can I say! Everything is good in jeans, if not for one “but” - elongated knees! What an elegance!

And still, we will not give up on our favorite clothes. And how to deal with this problem, we will tell you.

How to get rid of blisters on your knees

If the tissue begins to bubble in problem areas, you can restore it to its previous appearance in several ways.

Using a fabric softener

  1. Take a fabric softener, some warm water and a spray bottle.
  2. Pour three parts of water and one part of air conditioner into the container. Mix well.
  3. Moisturize the problem area with the resulting liquid.
  4. Scroll clothes in the washing machine in the drying mode or dry using a regular hair dryer.

Advice! If the problem was not resolved the first time, repeat the procedure.

Steam treatment

Another way to fix this is to use a steam iron. To do this, smooth out damaged tissue, periodically treating it with hot steam until an acceptable appearance returns.

The same procedure to eliminate the effect of "bubbles" can be carried out on wet jeans until they dry completely.

Reference! If the problem place cannot be put in order on your own, you should turn to the services of specialists in a sewing studio.

Creative way

A good way to fix this defect is to be creative about the problem. It is enough to decorate these areas with the help of “fake” patches, embroidery or appliqué from colorful fabric or pieces of leather, and the stretched fabric will not be evident.

On youth jeans, you can make decorative cuts, which are extremely popular at the moment.

What to do so that the jeans do not stretch in the knees

We will not neglect preventive measures. Professionals give some tips to help you forget about such troubles as stretched knees.

  1. Try to purchase only quality items.
  2. Things made of elastic fabric are more difficult to deform.
  3. Do not wear jeans for several days in a row . After one day of socks, you should give your pants a “rest” for a couple of days.
  4. Before sitting down, pull both legs up a little, and rising, swipe them with your palms, as if smoothing them.
  5. Do not wash jeans in hot water or boil them.
  6. When washing, be sure to turn them on the wrong side and fasten all hooks, zippers and buttons.
  7. If you steamed jeans, then do not put them on immediately!
  8. Before putting on, make sure that the jeans are completely dry. After all, wet tissue is more prone to deformation.
  9. You can protect the areas around the knees by gluing pieces of elastic material on them from the wrong side . For this purpose, a special fabric on hot glue is suitable.
  10. Make a few vertical inconspicuous seams with a matching thread in the area that is exposed to particularly strong impact.

As you can see, nothing complicated! It is worth being a little more attentive to your favorite jeans, so as not to worry, because of the bubbles on your knees. Well, if none of the above methods help, you have to resort to a radical method: using scissors and shortening your legs, get flirty shorts.