What to do if glasses put pressure on the bridge of the nose? How to fix it?

Red marks on the nose and pressure on the bridge of the nose are a fairly common occurrence when wearing glasses. However, these symptoms cannot be considered normal. Ideally, the accessory should not leave such marks. They are a sign that the glasses are not adjusted or incorrectly matched.

Why do glasses put pressure on the bridge of the nose?

There can be several explanations for this. Possible reasons:

  • the glasses are very massive, and the glasses are heavy;
  • one ear is located much lower than the other (in this case, “bedsores” will form only on one side);
  • the arches are bent;
  • too small a distance between the nose pads;
  • Too much distance between the nose pads.

Is it possible to solve the problem?

If the glasses have glass lenses, then contact an optician and ask them to be replaced with special polymer lenses. Well, and in the case of improper position of the arches or nose pads, to solve the problem, you will have to adjust the frame to the features of your face and skull.

Important! If the frame is very expensive, then do not try to cope with the adjustment yourself. It is better to contact the optician.

How to adjust the glasses?

The nose stops are adjusted according to the purpose . If they are placed too wide, and the glasses from this strongly press on the bridge of the nose, then move the stops to each other. If between the stops, on the contrary, there is too little space and because of this the glasses sit too high, then slide them apart.

The temples are corrected differently. First, check to see if they are bent . For this:

  • lay the frame on the table and see if the temples touch the surface;
  • if one of them is raised, then, most likely, the problem with pressure on the bridge of the nose arose due to the curvature. It is removed with pliers, after which they put glasses on the nose and look at the result of the effort.

With the ideally symmetrical position of the ear hooks relative to each other, it is worthwhile to conduct another test. It reveals a strong difference between the position of the ears . To do this, take the glasses so that they are strictly parallel to the floor (that is, they are located horizontally, without tilting in any direction). Put on the frame without letting go of your hands, and look at whether the earhooks are touching the ears and if the glasses are sitting down.

If, on the one hand, when the glasses are in equal position in space, one arm touches the ear, and the other is in limbo, then this means that you have one ear much lower than the other . For comfortable socks, you will have to bend the arch so that it begins to reach the auricle located below.

How not to damage the glasses?

It is necessary to take into account the material from which the arches are made, and the type of nose stops . Without preparation, only metal arms can be bent, while plastic ones will crack from such manipulations. They are preheated with hot water (put in warm water for 15-20 minutes) or a hair dryer.

Important! When using a hairdryer, be as careful as possible, as hot air currents can melt the thin plastic glasses.

With nasal stops, everything is somewhat more complicated. If they are not cast, are not connected directly to the frame, but are mounted on special projections and are movable, then you can practically without any problems adjust the position of the glasses relative to the bridge of the nose. If we are talking about cast fixed stops, then contact the optics and order a fit from them. You yourself cannot do anything in this situation, only provoke a serious breakdown.

It is also worth taking a responsible approach to choosing tools . The best option: purchase a specialized kit (look for it in the departments of optics). If this is not possible, then at least wrap the working tweezers and pliers with tape. It will protect the glasses from scratches, but at the same time worsen the grip.

Well, do not put a lot of effort . Firstly, glasses are a fragile item, each element of which can break so that it will be impossible to recover. Secondly, brute force will not allow you to adjust correctly. You just miss the right moment and the glasses will become even more uncomfortable. Thirdly, an unsuccessful fit can cause early termination of the warranty period.