What to do if the dress has sat down after washing?

The result of washing your favorite woolen dress can turn into a terrible disappointment. It can decrease in size, become shorter, just go astray. In most cases, the housewives manage to restore it to its former size. So what can be done with it?

Why did the dress sit down? A bit about the reasons ...

After the purchase, you should carefully study the tag sewn to the product. On it, the manufacturer encrypted the recommendations for care. All the information here is whether it is possible to wash, what water temperature to choose and the washing mode. Failure to comply with these tips leads to the fact that your favorite dress after drying becomes small.

Most likely, the item was washed with aggressive compounds, not intended for washing knitwear . Use powders, or better yet, gels designed for this type of fabric. They not only preserve the structure of the canvas, but also prevent the color from changing over time.

Another reason may be the wrong choice of cleaning or rinsing the product . For example, they washed in delicate mode, and set the spin cycle to 800 revolutions. This is not a fabric-sparing mode, and therefore choose it for bedding, and not for knitted dresses.

And it is very problematic to restore the dress after washing in hot water at the recommended 40 degrees (room temperature). The structure of the fibers under the influence of high temperature changes, which inevitably leads to shrinkage.

Important! Non-compliance with the manufacturer's recommendations and improper washing of the dress entail a change in its size or deformation.

Ways to stretch dresses

All natural fabrics are subject to shrinkage. If you do not comply with any conditions for care, such a nuisance can happen. In the arsenal of experienced housewives, there are several methods that will help bring a thing to its original state. They are recommended for absolutely all fabrics.

Take these five methods into service, perhaps already trying the first one, you will be able to achieve the desired result:

  • soak the shrunken product in cool water for 10-15 minutes, then remove it from the water without spinning. Pull the dress in length to the original measurement, then give it the desired shape on a horizontal surface and fix it to dry ;
  • the next method is not very pleasant and not suitable for everyone, but those who tried it assure an excellent result. Soak a thing, as in the previous method, but do not lay out the dress, but put it on yourself until it dries;
  • add hydrogen peroxide to cold water and soak the product for 2 hours, then remove it without spinning, let the liquid drain and dry on a hanger. As an option - replace the peroxide with table vinegar with a 20-minute soaking in water;
  • after soaking in cool water, iron the dress or dry it with a steam generator. In this case, the places that should be increased, gently stretch ;
  • soak a thing in cold water for 10-15 minutes, wash in a typewriter on a delicate regime, without squeezing the product and without adding powder.

Important! Steaming should be carried out with maximum personal safety measures. The hydrogen peroxide method requires constant monitoring of tissue fibers.


For knitwear, many methods are used that we have already met: steaming, ironing, soaking with vinegar. But the simplest, but also the most effective method will be with fixing :

  • soak the dress in cool water for a quarter of an hour;
  • squeeze it slightly, carefully and without twisting;
  • spread a thick blanket or a large towel on a horizontal surface;
  • spread the wet product on top, thoroughly straighten it completely with your hands, stretching to the right sides;
  • it is necessary to give it its original size and pin it with pins to the blanket around the entire perimeter until it dries completely;
  • to get the desired result without deforming the pins, you need a lot. This is the case when the more the better.


A dress made of wool can be saved by washing it with shampoo for coarse hair or with fabric softener. A great way is to fix the pins of the wet product described above. However, you can share one more thing:

  • In 5 liters of hot water add 3 tbsp. l ammonia, 1 cup of vodka (cologne), 1 tbsp. l turpentine;
  • the prepared dress is immersed in the prepared solution for an hour and a half;
  • then rinsed in cold water;
  • drying on a horizontal surface with periodic stretching in the right directions.

From other materials

Shrinkage of linen, cotton and viscose fabrics is also subject to shrinkage. Dressmakers, before embarking on sewing from these fabrics, first they are washed so that the process of natural shrinkage occurs, and then dresses or shirts are already cut out . If the linen or cotton dress has decreased in size, try the methods:

  1. Laundry with air conditioning;
  2. Soaking with vinegar;
  3. Stretching ironing;
  4. Steam treatment.

You can also moisten problem areas with table vinegar with a sponge and dry on a hanger. If there is a sharp vinegar smell, wash the item in delicate mode with an additional rinse.

Shrinkage Prevention

Any disease is easier to prevent than to cure. Therefore, observe the precautions in the care of your things :

  • study the recommendations of the manufacturer of the product and strictly follow them;
  • purchase a special wool detergent;
  • wash knitted and woolen products manually in slightly warm water, rinse in cold. Squeeze very carefully, without twisting. Dry horizontally when fully extended.

Compliance with these simple rules will save you subsequently from many unnecessary problems in life.