What to do if cracked leatherette on a sofa or jacket

Leatherette items are durable, but any product will become unusable over time due to the appearance of cracks or small scratches. They spoil the appearance of the product and significantly reduce wear resistance, since a small crack can subsequently become a large hole. Let us consider in more detail the repair options for such things.

Faux leather jacket cracked

To deal with this problem, you need to perform several actions in sequence:

Assess the degree of damage and the feasibility of repair

This is the first step you must complete. To do this, you need to carefully inspect the product, if it has severe enough damage, then ordinary restoration will help for a short period of time.

Of course, repairs can be made, but soon the jacket will look the same as in front of it. If there are slight scratches or scuffs, the product must be restored in order to preserve the item.

Use the services of a professional

The best way out of this situation is to contact a specialist, since working with leatherette is a rather complicated process that requires attention and adherence to technology.

What can be done at home?

Here everything depends on the quality of the leather substitute, but liquid skin will help to cope with this problem. This is a specialized tool that is designed to restore dermantine or a modern substitute.

In the first case, the procedure is quite simple, to restore things you will need to purchase vinyl leather. It is a synthetic piece of fabric coated with polyvinylchloride. This type of repair is suitable for repairing a single damage, if there are many cracked cracks, the leatherette area must be replaced.

Modern materials are also repaired with liquid skin, which is partially absorbed into the material and provides a fairly tight grip.

A good option for a single damage would be the imposition of a special patch, it can be purchased at a fabric store.

Important! Repair should be carried out strictly according to technology, since without this poor-quality work will turn out.

The leatherette on the sofa is cracked, what should I do?

Upholstery on the couch is subjected to mechanical stress almost constantly, especially if there are small children in the house. I don’t always want to get rid of a cozy sofa made of leather substitute, if cracks and damage appeared on it. There are several options for getting rid of this problem:

Repair kits, adhesive materials

This method is also suitable for small scratches that must be repaired without fail. Today in the construction market you can purchase various kits for the repair of a substitute. It includes liquid skin and specialized tools that facilitate its application. The assortment has popular colors, so picking them up will be easy.

Adhesive materials require painstaking care and attention. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the instructions for using the products before work.


Cracked areas can be masked with liquid polymer. Its basis is alcohol, which promotes the penetration of the solution into the upper layer of the skin. This allows you to create a masking effect, dries the composition within 15 minutes. To apply, you need a piece of gauze and a spatula, which is applied to the product. After drying, the skin and composition become almost one whole, and the damage becomes almost invisible.

Partial replacement

This method is used in extreme cases when scratches are not subjected to minor repairs. It can be performed only by a specialist who is versed in technology. If there are multiple damages, it is better to use the constriction of the sofa, since partial repair will no longer save the product from the final loss of appearance and characteristics.

Where to go with a jacket and a sofa?

Repair of leather jackets is carried out in specialized ateliers. There are professionals who select the best option for repairing damage to the product.

Contact any Atelier to restore clothing.

In the case of a sofa, you need to contact a company that is engaged in the restoration of furniture by hauling and assembling it. Usually the process does not take much time, and specialists can work at home with the client.

Each item requires careful care and attention, especially when it comes to leather product options. A leatherette jacket should be stored only on the shoulders, and care must be taken using dry cleaning. A sofa made of this material should be wrapped in a special cover that protects the product from damage. Watch your things carefully and they will last you a long time.