What is the Diva resting: the summer wardrobe of Alla Pugacheva

Summer is a great time of the year when you can not only relax, but also demonstrate beautiful summer outfits. Alla Pugacheva successfully deals with this. She actively spends time not only on family vacations, but also on events and meetings with friends. To verify this, take a look at her pages on Instagram and Facebook.

Summer outfits of the Diva

Alla Borisovna always had a great taste. She knows fashion and looks perfect in any situation.

Not only at concerts, but also in everyday life, she knows how to be bright and extraordinary.

It is worth noting that fashion is important for the singer. After all, the latest trends in the fashion industry came to Pugacheva's taste.

For example, sports-style items such as sweatpants and elegant, colorful print sweatshirts. In such bows, she prefers to relax from the working days of show business.

Attention! Sneakers on the platform perfectly complement the independent style of the Diva.

She prefers not only the well-proven black color, but also brighter shades. This summer, she can be seen in white, lemon, red and pastel pink, which suits her like that.

In one of the last photos on Instagram, Alla Borisovna in a bright burgundy sweatshirt with lipstick to match the clothes .

It just looks amazing! From the comments you can see that interest in Pugacheva is increasing. After all, she not only dresses smartly, but also looks great!

Alla Pugacheva always pays attention to details. After all, it is from them that a holistic image is formed. She skillfully combines bright hats in her wardrobe: caps with drawings and berets . These accessories add even more gloss and novelty to the existing look, and also emphasize the voluminous hairstyle of the star.

One of the secrets of her style is loose fit . It can be not only tunics, but also wide plain shirts or lace blouses.

Such a classic version will be appropriate in different situations. Pugacheva can be seen in tunics at concerts, tours and other events. No matter how fashion trends change, this image will always be relevant.

If we talk about jewelry, then Pugacheva does not abuse them . But they look very expensive and give the whole appearance a mystery.

She did not mind flashing a ring worth several Moscow apartments. And also can afford to wear voluminous bracelets.

On a summer vacation in the Baltic

For a comfortable stay in the Baltic States in the summer of 2019, the Primadonna prefers loose outfits .

To trip

So, at the railway station, she appeared in a bright yellow cloak of a loose cut and in a tracksuit with wide yellow stripes .

This combination is a win-win option for a trip, travel or a spectacular appearance in public.

To walk

For a walk around the city, the singer chose a wide black dress with bare shoulders and white sneakers .

In this outfit, Pugacheva demonstrated excellent physical fitness. In addition, the combination of white and black is one of the laws of a successful style.

White jeans and a black jumper look great against the backdrop of the sea.

And dark round glasses add a twist to the image: it looks like a superstar! It is this type of frame that many celebrities prefer.

If you are especially observant, you can see that Alla Borisovna has a huge collection of glasses, both sun-protection and ordinary. She skillfully selects them in accordance with the event and clothes.

This summer, Alla Pugacheva began here with such photographs. Bright colors and good mood charge positively and its subscribers in social networks.

But half the summer is yet to come. Let's see how the prima donna of the Russian pop stage will surprise us.