What is the difference between velsoft and fleece?

A huge number of new synthetic fabrics are presented on the modern market, which are often significantly ahead of natural ones in terms of number of advantages, cost and other characteristics. In order to understand all the variety and choose the right material, it is necessary to carefully study the properties of the proposed fabrics.

For example, not many people know the difference between fleece and bicycle fleet - at first glance they are very similar in appearance, in addition, they have some similar elements in their composition . So what is better, fleece or velsoft and to whom each of these materials is more suitable? You will learn about all this in this article.

Properties of fabric velsoft

First you need to understand that both of these materials are synthetic, so look for the vast majority of natural materials in their composition.

The advantages of velsoft are such characteristics as softness, tenderness, safety and antibacteriality. It is easy to machine wash, pleasant to the touch and perfectly retains heat - this fabric is often used as a material for sewing children's underwear.

This is a soft and fleece fabric that resembles velor to the touch. It consists of polyester, so velsoft is soft, with a long pile and very light.

Fleece characteristics

Fleece can be easily distinguished from velsoft - it looks more like a “large” suede externally, although it is also made on the basis of polyester. In most cases, there are still some elements in the composition.

There is a huge number of fleece fabrics - multilayer, double-sided, thick and thin. Thus, it is very easy to choose the right material. It is moisture resistant and has a tendency to stall . All the positive properties of polyester are preserved.

What is the difference between materials?

At first glance, it might seem that these two types of fabric are almost the same - they have polyester in their composition, they retain heat well and lend themselves to any cleaning.

But there are differences. Fleece is thinner, less voluminous, but velsoft is soft, durable and very comfortable . These materials are most often used as clothing for children. So, fleece in most cases is chosen as a lining, and fluffy velsoft - for underwear, it looks more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

In addition, the fleece is still considered a warmer and more durable material than the recently launched velsoft.

Which is better - fleece or velsoft?

In order to unequivocally answer the question of what is better - fleece or velsoft, you need to understand why you need such fabric. A lot depends on the final need and the result that you expect from clothing made from one or another material .

Fleece is suitable if you need a warm dense thing, mostly winter . Its upper layer is water-repellent, and the lower one is warming, which makes it an excellent option for the cold season. Used for tailoring outerwear. It protects from the wind. Practicality and elasticity make it an excellent choice for those who live in places with fairly low temperatures.

Wellsoft is a less practical fabric, which, however, absorbs moisture much worse than cotton products . It is suitable for blouses, sweaters, underwear. It is sold at a very affordable price, which also makes it very attractive to potential buyers.

Now you know what fleece and velsoft are, how these types of synthetic fabrics differ and which is better to choose based on your own preferences and needs. Now you can safely go to the store for new things!