What is the difference between a satchel and a backpack

The approach of the new school year is always accompanied by active chores. Parents select stationery, uniforms and other attributes for their students. The selection of a school bag is given special attention.

The product should not only have a bright and attractive appearance, but also be roomy, convenient and safe for health. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of satchels and backpacks for students. Products have their advantages and disadvantages that must be considered when buying.

Let's see how the satchel differs from a backpack.

Satchel and its originality

The satchel is a bag that is located on the back . On the sides there are special handles for fixing the product on the shoulders. The satchel has a rigid solid frame, which doctors say separately.

Like any product, this school attribute has some features and flaws.


  • A robust case reduces the risk of scoliosis in a child.
  • The presence of orthopedic pads in the back.
  • Reliable protection of personal belongings from aggressive environmental influences .
  • Rigid walls firmly fix textbooks and notebooks inside, which prevents them from being crushed.
  • Spaciousness, which allows you to pack all the necessary things and objects.


  • Rigid frame provides high weight of the finished product.
  • It is quite difficult for young schoolchildren to cope with a heavy product on their own.
  • Overcharge.

Reference : the product is also often called differently: a briefcase.

Backpack and its features

The backpack, like a satchel, is presented in the form of a bag with two straps, which are located on the shoulders x. It is designed to carry personal items. Many models of backpacks are equipped with an additional handle on the upper side of the product and other additional elements.

Addition : many models of accessories have one belt.


  • A wide range of products that differ in size, material and style.
  • Many models are equipped with orthopedic inserts in the back.
  • Roomy interior space.
  • Soft construction .
  • Profitable price

In addition to the advantages, backpacks have some negative qualities.


  • High load on the back and shoulders in the absence of orthopedic pads.
  • Many models of fabric texture do not have a special inner lining .
  • The need for neat styling, as corners and edges when used create pain in the back.

Help: backpacks are the most popular accessory among modern youth.

The main differences between a backpack and a backpack

Despite the similar design and method of application, both options have several aspects that distinguish them from each other.

The main difference is the presence of orthopedic inserts. In the manufacture of satchels, their presence is mandatory. Models of backpacks are equipped with this supplement according to the manufacturer's preference.

The materials used can also be attributed to the main difference . For sewing the first option, synthetic fabrics of dense texture are used, sometimes plastic inserts. For backpacks, they also use natural textures: leather, suede.

The rigid structure of the knapsack promotes an even distribution of the load between the muscles of the back and shoulders of the child. Most backpack models do not have this quality.

A school bag is one of the main attributes of any student. It is with her that the student spends every day when visiting a school. A wide range of knapsacks and backpacks is presented on the modern market. Subject to certain recommendations, each parent will be able to choose the right product for the child.