What is the difference between a purse and a wallet

In modern times, we cannot leave home without money, credit or business cards. Without these components, we will not pass a stop on public transport. It will not work to refuel the car, and in the store we will not make a single purchase.

However, carrying these necessary little things in your pockets is not very convenient. It is much more reliable to use special compact handbags for this. The range and selection of which is huge.

By functionality, a wallet and a purse are interchangeable things . Therefore, it can be difficult to decide which one to choose, which one is right for you. It is important to correctly understand the meaning and belonging of these objects.

Stylists and image makers note that the wallet is more of a feminine accessory.

But the wallet or purse - men's organizers that emphasize the business style and give status to the owner.

Using two accessories at once is impractical and is unnecessary. And how does one model differ from another, what to choose, which of the proposed items to purchase? Let's get it together.

Purse and its originality

REFERENCE. The name "purse" came to us from Europe. Derived from the French words porte-monnaie. Translated means: porter - “wear” and monnaie - “money”.

This is a small handbag with several compartments for notes, business cards and documents.

It is an unisex accessory, is in demand by both men and women . The design involves double or triple folding of the model itself . In some variations, there is a coin box that closes with a zipper or button.

The purse is made mainly of genuine leather or good quality leatherette.

Men wear mostly in a pocket of trousers or an inside pocket of a jacket.

Wallet and its features

It is mainly a female accessory. Designed to carry storage and finance.

It is a compact handbag with a clasp, a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. As a rule, its length is 17–25 centimeters, and its width is from 8 to 15 cm. These sizes allow you to carry banknotes without folding them in half . Due to these dimensions, the wallet is inconvenient to carry in pockets, so women carry them in handbags.

It is made of various materials: leather, leatherette, husky, fabric, synthetic fiber, etc.

Often a wallet plays the role of a small clutch bag by its owner.

Closes to various options of fasteners:

  • lightning;
  • button;
  • riveting;
  • Velcro
  • clasp "kiss".

Inside, the model is equipped with compartments for paper and iron money, for discount cards, has secret pockets for all kinds of little things.

Since wallets are predominantly a feminine thing, manufacturers do not skimp on a variety of colors and decor. The colors range from calm to bright and are decorated with appliqués, rhinestones, sequins. In general, to everyone who loves the weaker sex.

What is the difference between a purse and a wallet

  • There is a significant difference in size: the wallet is much larger. The purse is, as a rule, more accurate and more compact. Due to the small volume of the bills are stored in the purse when folded. And in the female version, paper money is put straight, hence the difference in size.
  • Women's wallet is more expressive in color and design . Men's purse is made in a strict color palette . Neutral, muffled and brutal gamma are used: from gray, brown, to classic black. It is characterized by the absence of decorative finishes.
  • In the female version, there is a compartment for small things, in the male version, usually it does not exist.
  • The purse has one clasp on the outside, or none at all . A wallet has more varied options for fastening devices.
  • The male model is made of leather materials, while the female model is more democratic in terms of manufacturing options and the fabrics from which it is made.

Know that the differences between one and the other are very arbitrary. After all, the main purpose of a wallet, purse or wallet is to store money. Therefore, it is important that your personal “portable mobile bank” is easy to use and of high quality in execution. And not so important as it will be called.