What is the difference between Dior panties and Voronezh knitwear manufacture?

Knitted panties are in every woman’s wardrobe. They are practical for daily wear, made of strong fabric, wash well and do not wrinkle. But is it the same jersey from which this garment is made, among Russians and French? Let's get it together.


Knitted fabric is obtained as a result of interweaving of threads that form loops between themselves. Because of this, the products are elastic, tensile, soft.

There was a time when knitwear was considered clothing for the poor, and only in the twentieth century, products from this fabric received universal recognition thanks to world catwalks.

Meanwhile, the story lies in ancient times . Among the Egyptian excavations dating from the III – I centuries BC. e., knitted stockings for sandals with a separate thumb were discovered. In museums you can find other knitwear decorated with Arabic script.

In Europe, knitted stockings were adopted by aristocrats in the XV – XVI centuries . At first they went into fashion at the court of the English queen, and then spread throughout Western Europe. And although such products were practical, except for stockings and lace, the rich people of that time wore nothing else, yet considering this fabric is too simple for noble people, leaving it to commoners.

In Russia, the first knitwear manufactories began to open only at the end of the XIX century. At the same time, the English socialite appeared in a jersey costume, but other fashionistas did not support her. And only Coco Chanel in the twentieth century was able to legalize knitwear products - comfortable, not wrinkled, tight-fitting body.

Knitwear Dior

Today there are many types of knitwear. The structure of knitwear Dior includes:

  • viscose;
  • polyamide;
  • elastane.

As you can see, synthetic fibers are present here, but it is almost impossible to distinguish it from natural fabric. Knitwear Dior is available in South Korea today. It stretches perfectly, returning to its original position without problems, and never wrinkles. It can be monophonic and with patterns. The colors are varied and cannot be molted during numerous washings.

The texture of the material implies that it will adapt to all the bends of the body and pleasantly fit it. At the same time, the fabric from Dior is soft and elastic.

If you stretch such a knitwear, fibers and loops of fabric connection should appear. In this case, there is no doubt that this is not a fake.

Care for the product from Dior should be strictly according to the instructions, setting the correct temperature in the washing machine and using the appropriate detergent. And be sure to use gentle mode. Some items are not allowed to be ironed, so you need to carefully study the label at the time of purchase.

Dior knitwear has more pros than cons. The pluses include:

  • fabric strength;
  • simplicity in leaving;
  • comfort to wear;
  • hygroscopicity.

And of the minuses, one can note perhaps a simple appearance, a tendency to stretch, an ugly flow around a full figure.

Knitwear of the Voronezh knitwear manufactory

Voronezh knitwear manufactory dates back to 1939. At first it was a workshop at the City Industrial Complex. And before the war, the workshop was separated into a separate "Knitwear Factory". When the Germans arrived, the factory premises were completely destroyed, but in 1943 the factory received a rebirth. Nowadays, the Voronezh Knitwear Manufactory is a large enterprise producing knitwear, including under the ILI trademark.

The factory produces products that strictly comply with GOST, while the products are environmentally friendly and natural. The basis of knitwear Voronezh masters are weaving made of natural cotton.

Fabric and products from it are produced on machines purchased in Germany, Italy and Japan. All products are certified according to the standards of Gosstandart of Russia. So the manufactory collections consist exclusively of high-quality products.

What is the difference?

If we talk about underwear, then the difference between Dior panties and Voronezh knitwear will be significant.

Firstly, the fabric itself: it is still artificial in the French, and natural in the Russians.

Secondly, a variety of colors . Dior panties have a full palette of colors, while in Voronezh they adhere to the classic white color in sewing linen. True, sometimes a small drawing is present on a white background. There are one model in black and blue.

Thirdly, French women, apparently, do not even know about the existence of pantaloons, while in the Russian outback with long fierce winters, such a toilet can not be dispensed with. So in Voronezh they produce as many as five models of underpants with high elastic at the waist and an elongated cut to the middle of the thigh.

Fourthly, among the models presented by the Voronezh manufactory, you will not find panties with a lowered waistline, tanga or thong, while in Dior they are presented in various modifications and in a wide color scheme.

Fifth, lace. Some Russian models are decorated with a modest lace line in the same white color as the cowards themselves. Whereas Dior panties have a very wide lace ruler. Some items of French linen are made entirely of exquisite and elegant lace, pleasantly emphasizing the beauty of the female body.

Sixth, fashionistas, going on a date, will never wear the briefs of the Voronezh manufactory, despite their practicality and naturalness. But Dior panties are able to emphasize the beauty of the female body, and it may very well be that the fate of the girl in such underwear by the morning will be decided positively.

Comparing both brands of lingerie, we can conclude that in the wardrobe of every woman there should be both lingerie of the Voronezh knitwear manufactory for everyday wear, and elegant Dior panties for special occasions.