What is the difference between boxers and wrestlers?

Considering both options, it is immediately difficult to determine the differences, because these species are very similar in appearance. Let's tell beginners how shoes differ among themselves.

How not to make a mistake in the right choice and not get injured in training.

The main differences between boxers and wrestlers

They differ in appearance design elements:

  • Suitable for boxing.
  • In the height of the product, which should be much higher.

Attention! But modern types created for non-professional sports can have different heights.

In the sole. Of great importance is the pattern on the sole.

Different manufacturers.

There is no backdrop.

The material of manufacture.

The weight of the shoe.

The history of sports shoes

Dive Coffman, a martial arts historian, said the fight came 150 years earlier than boxing. And the roots of the history of boxing, argue that boxers have acquired a more modern look in the twentieth century.

But, the first sports shoes appeared in Greece, and it was then that they began to conduct the game in the form of wrestling and it was called Greco-Roman.

Reference! And the shoes themselves looked like sandals on straps. In winter, the straps were supplemented with fur to maintain the warmth of the legs. But after a while, the equipment acquired a modern look of the 21st century.

Shoe materials

Boxers are made from suede, leather, synthetic materials.

Attention! May have different mesh inserts for better ventilation of the feet. This allows the feet not to sweat.

Wrestling shoes are made of lightweight synthetic materials, leather substitutes, which also have a mesh insert.

Important! Significantly lighter in weight than the previous one.

The height of boxers and wrestlers

The height of boxing shoes is significantly lower than that of wrestlers who tie shoelaces above the ankle, and thus prevent injuries to the legs in the ring. Sometimes wrestlers use Velcro, with which they hide their shoelaces, entering the ring.

Attention! Such shoes reach no more than 25 centimeters.

The sole of boxers and wrestlers

In boxers, the sole has a pattern of Christmas trees that allow you to quickly move around the ring . They have optimal traction during lunges, as well as inclined movements.

In wrestling shoes, the sole is pointed, allowing you to cling to the sports mat and carry out a certain throw or exciting movements. The sole has elastic softness and is made of rubber. With different positions of the legs, you immediately feel the maximum convenience and comfort.

Attention! The drawing has circles.

Knowing the subtleties of the difference, you can always distinguish and choose the right shoes for certain sports. The health of the legs depends on the equipment chosen, because when you come to training, you must clearly understand the sports equipment and know what kind of sport it is suitable for.

If you suddenly have difficulties with the choice, then consult a specialist.

Advice! Buy equipment only in specialized sports stores, so you can avoid fakes.