What day of the week is it best to change bedding

Bed linen is a hygienic procedure with a special, magical meaning. The bed is, first of all, a place of rest, the emergence of new forces. Moreover, it is in a dream that human energy is most vulnerable . There are many signs associated with bedding. Following folk wisdom will help to benefit from everyday ritual.

Good and bad days for changing clothes

Many housewives are used to changing bedding on their day off. This is usually combined with house cleaning and water treatments. Falling asleep after a bath or bath on fresh sheets is a special pleasure. But it turns out that there are other, more ancient traditions. In accordance with them, the day of the week is of great importance for changing knitwear.

We will understand this in more detail.

When is the best time to change your underwear?

Our ancestors in everything looked for meaning, attached importance to any detail of their life. The basis of their traditions and beliefs is the experience of many generations. Get to know their opinion.

Change underwear these days!

  • Thursday is one of the best days to change your bed . He promises good luck in all matters and good health. It is no coincidence that we still pronounce a stable phrase about “clean Thursday”.

IMPORTANT! It was believed that the most fortunate would be those who managed to redo linen before dinner. And their health will be all right.

  • Saturday is the best time to take care of home and family . Changing accessories on this day means ensuring the financial well-being of households.
  • In addition, it was considered important to cover clean sheets at the new moon . This leads to the strengthening of family union, fidelity and understanding.

What days are not recommended to change the bed

  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are not associated with a strict ban on changing clothes. But still they are considered rather difficult days . It is better to devote the beginning of the week to solving work tasks and pressing issues.
  • Friday is also not suitable for changing bedding. This is fraught with a series of minor but extremely unpleasant difficulties .
  • Sunday is the day that is customary to devote to God: any work distracts from good thoughts. Change the bed that day - you will suffer from insomnia and nightmares .

IMPORTANT! Any church holidays are categorically not suitable for changing clothes. However, on the eve it is worth it to meet a bright day in a clean bed.

Other rules and rituals associated with bedding

  • It is believed that crumpled linen is attractive to all kinds of evil spirits . It attracts diseases, quarrels, bad mood and minor troubles. If you strive for a calm and fruitful life, be sure to iron the sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases.
  • Be sure to make your bed in the morning. Harmless laziness can cost well-being and adversely affect the health of family members .
  • Free people who want to meet a soul mate are advised to sleep on red underwear. The New Year has a special power of omen. But couples are better off avoiding fiery flowers, so as not to involuntarily provoke marital infidelity.
  • A duvet cover and pillowcases turned inside out prophesy the blows of fate .
  • But if you are wearing pajamas with stitches out, be sure: luck has already noticed you .
  • If your pet gave you a surprise by confusing the bed with the toilet, expect a surprise. Whether it will be a sudden blow or something pleasant depends largely on your reaction. In this case, it is worth believing only in the good!
  • When choosing a linen kit, pay attention to the drawing . For example, everything connected with water literally “washes away” financial luck . Landscapes, flowers, sky attract harmony and tranquility. Wild animals, cars, patterns with sharp corners portend fuss and quarrels.

Whether or not to follow signs is everyone's business. But it’s still worth listening and observing, because behind them stands no less than the centuries-old wisdom of the people.