What is dangerous bed made of synthetics of bright colors

It is no secret that a sound and healthy sleep is the key to good health and a strong nervous system. In order for the dream to really be of high quality, you need to provide for a lot of details, including choosing the right, comfortable bedding. Scientists have found that a person sleeps soundly and fully rests only in a comfortably furnished, clean, well-ventilated bedroom with high-quality fresh linens.

How bed affects sleep quality

First of all, when designing a berth, you need to pay attention to the fabric from which the bed is sewn. Experts say that only sets made from natural material should be purchased. It helps the skin "breathe" all night, which positively affects the relaxation and condition of a person.

Synthetic fibers, from which bedding sets can also be sewn, are considered less preferred. They can cause direct harm to the health and condition of the body. At the same time, rest will not work full and restoring strength.

Important! A few nights spent on poor-quality sheets will not cause significant harm to health, but the constant effect of synthetics on the skin during night rest is strongly not recommended.

What tissues adversely affect

Synthetic materials should be taboo for people who care about their own health. Coarse, non-breathing lingerie, literally locks the body overnight into a kind of cocoon. The effect of the bath is created, especially in the summer months, when it is very hot even at night.

A person begins to sweat, but moisture does not have the ability to absorb or evaporate, since synthetics do not allow this. As a result, eczema, irritation, allergic reactions and other unpleasant consequences of using such linen can form.

Too coarse fabrics are also excluded for use as bedding. They will interfere with normal immersion in sleep due to unpleasant sensations of the body. Sleep will also be constantly interrupted, not allowing a person to fully relax.

Which fabrics are best suited and why

Today, buying good quality bedding is not a problem. There are many online stores and boutiques where housewives can buy something to their taste and at an affordable price. Scientists and researchers recommend paying attention only to natural tissues:

  • cotton;
  • satin;
  • calico;
  • poplin and others.

Important! First of all, linen is selected according to the sensations to the skin. If it is pleasant to the body and comfortable, you can safely choose the right shade.

Silk is also a natural material and is quite acceptable in use, but this material is not for everyone. Not everyone will like the feeling of flowing and slipping bedding. Before buying, it is better to “try on” the sheets and make sure that they are really suitable for everyday use.

The advantage of natural fabrics is their breathability. They “breathe” and help the body completely relax and enjoy a night's rest. Air easily penetrates through the laundry and does not encounter obstacles on the way to the human body. In addition, the breathability of linen is considered an important component for normal heat transfer.

How bed affects health

Human health directly depends on night rest. Bed linen plays an equally important role, one of the dominant ones, since in a dream the body does not cease to perceive tactile sensations and, if poor-quality linen is selected, it will focus the brain on this point and interfere with normal rest.

In some cases, a poor-quality set of sheets and duvet covers can lead to various allergic reactions and rashes, as well as disruptions to the cardiovascular system.

Relationship with sleep quality

Scientists were able to find out that not only the quality of linen determines a healthy sleep, but the color schemes of this subject of bedroom design are no less important. The most preferred shades are:

  • white (creates confidence of cleanliness around, helps to quickly fall asleep and feel confident all night);
  • blue (helps to calm and quickly fall asleep, often recommended by psychologists to people who suffer from nightmares);
  • pink (relaxes and eliminates aggression, relieves tension and stress for a long day);
  • green (allows you to achieve emotional balance and sleep peacefully at night in order to wake up alert and rested in the morning);
  • blue (eliminates the feeling of fear and relaxes);
  • brown (gives a feeling of coziness and comfortable warmth, relaxes and soothes);
  • black (the choice is not for everyone, but it still helps to instantly fall asleep and rest without dreams).

Important! Ambiguous colors are red and orange. On the one hand, the sunny tint gives a good mood and vigor, but it affects sleep not in the best way, constantly interrupting dreams. Red is also not preferable for night rest, but it allows to lower blood pressure and normalize blood circulation.

Thus, when choosing bedding, first of all, you need to decide on a material that is comfortable on touching, and then pay attention to a suitable shade. High-quality linen should meet all the requirements of proper sleep. At the same time, it must be changed regularly at least 4 times a month. An ideal option is to change clothes on the bed every other day or every day.

Reactions of the skin, nervous system, lungs

Skin is the largest organ of the human excretory system. At night, processes only slow down, but do not stop functioning. That is why it is necessary to take care of high-quality bedding material so that the sweat released at night does not linger on the skin and evaporates, and the body "breathes".

Synthetic sheets do not allow moisture to evaporate and do not even absorb it, leaving it on the skin. This leads to rashes and allergic reactions. Over time, with the regular use of such underwear, a person may notice the formation of eczema and pustules, which subsequently will be very difficult to cope with.

The nervous system reacts sharply to the shades of bedding, so it’s better to choose a calm, relaxing model. The respiratory system in a dream also reacts sharply to the environment. Poor-quality linen, which is constantly used in everyday life, can lead to impaired respiratory function of the body, to various pathologies.

Bed Tips

Each family should have several sets of linen, so that you can change it in a timely manner, without starting a resting place, it should always be clean and tidy. Before buying, you should definitely evaluate the feeling of underwear on the skin. Only after determining the softest and most comfortable option, should you look for a nice looking color.

It is also recommended to pay attention to drawings and applications, which are often decorated with sheets. Large ornaments usually contribute to the manifestation of passion, but interfere with a normal night's rest. For complete relaxation, it is better to choose animalistic motifs, nature or geometric abstract shapes. The most right choice will be a plain linen or a cozy set in a small flower.