What is the danger of a leopard print after 40

No matter how old a woman is, she always wants to be beautiful, well-groomed and fashionably dressed. It is difficult to meet the last criterion, because the fashion is very changeable and capricious. If yesterday the trends included a total bow in black, then today everyone is simply obsessed with animalistic - leopard or tiger prints.

To imagine a young girl in leopard trousers is simple, and in most cases she will look more or less successful in them. But you want to be fashionable even after 40 ... So, you are 40, or even 45, and you are madly wanting to wear “leopard” things, but are afraid to seem like an “overripe berry”? Take a look here and you will find out why the leopard print is dangerous after 40, and how you can and even need to wear it.

When the leopard is banned

Leopard print is considered universal and can be worn by almost every woman and even a man. However, in attempts to dress “expensively richly”, ladies of Balzac age often make typical and unforgivable mistakes:

  1. Choice of a total bow with one print. Any outfit where each of its components will be either peas or a flower greatly hurts the eyes and creates the effect of an overloaded image. Is it possible to overload the image of a woman over 40? No, and again no, therefore, at the same time pulling all the things from the wardrobe with a “leopard-like” pattern onto yourself will have to be abandoned.
  2. "Top" of fine knitwear. The body, turtlenecks and sweaters of their delicate fabric, albeit with a fashionable pattern, look deadly (in the bad sense of the word) on a figure that is no longer young. It shines through exactly where it is not necessary absolutely not emphasizing what we would like.
  3. Love for the leopard "bottom." The Internet is full of videos and memes in which women in leopard leggings become objects of ridicule and discussion. Do not want to join their number? Do not wear animal print pants, leggings and jeans.
  4. Ignoring details. Even the most boring and monotonous “bow” can be refreshed with well-chosen parts and accessories. For example, the top and bottom in dark colors, can be highlighted with a belt, neck scarf and bag in a popular color. This option is perfect for women aged, allowing them to look both stylish and fashionable at the same time.
  5. Neckline and mini. Wearing short skirts and dresses with huge cutouts on the back or chest after 40 is not a priori possible, and even if these things are also decorated with an animalic pattern, it is forbidden to go outside.

Interesting! Oddly enough, but, according to fashion designers, not body and leggings, but socks, fall into the number of things prohibited in the popular coloring.

When the presence of “predatory” colors in the image is appropriate

You still have not given up the idea of ​​joining the ranks of fashionistas, and still want a thing with a leopard print? Check out these tips:

  1. Choose a free "top". An overseas jacket or a loose-fit blouse will look great in such a color. Fashionable, stylish and youthful, because we achieve this effect.
  2. Experiment, but wisely. Do not dress too fancifully and shockingly, this is the lot of Jeanne Aguzarova, not an adult and wise woman. Things under the leopard should complement and refresh the image, and not make it too unusual.
  3. Buy a green leopard. Or yellow. Or red, in general, not the same as usual. A blouse or top with an animal print of unusual colors can be worn under a jacket or spring trench coat, it will look stunning.
  4. Pay attention to the details. Fashionable colors may be present on the cuffs and collar of a shirt or jacket. Viewed on the lining or tops of trousers - and so fashion rules will be respected.
  5. Buy shoes. Boats with ombre flowing in an unusual color look unusual and very sexy. Ankle boots, ankle boots or sandals - it is very simple to choose shoes “according to fashion”.

Even at the age of 40, you can follow fashion trends while remaining an elegant and sophisticated lady. The main thing is not to forget about the advice of fashion stylists and take into account the features of their appearance.