What cuts do pants trend 2019

Finding today a woman who does not wear pants is not easy. And this is understandable: they are convenient, practical. And in them the woman looks stylish and elegant. But only if her wardrobe is not old-fashioned, but current models. For example, trousers with cuts, which have become the trend of this summer.

Spectacular trouser detail

Surely each of us noticed how a small detail changes the whole image. Plain black straight trousers are best left for men, and girls look at more interesting models.

Pants with vertical cuts visually lengthen legs, hiding imperfections, but emphasizing advantages. You can combine them with both low and high heels.

Important ! Pants will attract attention to shoes, so it should ideally fit the image.

These pants will be a real salvation, because they are suitable for any occasion. They can be worn to work, combining with a classic shirt, they go well with sweaters, cardigans, blouses and even dresses!

What trousers can be cut

Any fabric can be used for sewing trousers: costume with wool, cotton, polyester and even leather. The trends remain matte leather in different shades, vinyl, denim, suede, knitwear.

There is one important point: for the original models (for example, cuts from the middle of the thigh), rigid materials that hold shape are required. For stricter options it is possible to use suit fabric and cotton. On these materials, lateral cuts will not be very noticeable, but at the same time will make the thing fashionable.

Popular styles of trousers with cuts

  • Flare . Lengthen legs, go well with high-heeled shoes.
  • Skinny . Leather goods are especially popular. Suitable for free style: sweaters, boots, jackets;
  • Straight with frontal dissections from the hip . A great option for an evening out, because in the office you can’t wear such pants.
  • Leggings . Tight pants made of knitted fabric or leather. Suitable for a dress, long shirt or sweater.

So different cuts

The length and location of the original parts depends only on the imagination of the designer .

Help In accordance with the trends of modern fashion, cuts can be located in front, behind or side.

For example, Victoria Beckham prefers small cuts, with which it is possible to demonstrate shoes. Balmain works the other way around: it creates models that bare legs almost completely.

  • For the office, you need to look at trousers with small cuts in the side seams . Shoes will be clearly visible through them, but the image will not be defiant.
  • On sports products, dissection is usually done in the front. This decision is due not only to beauty, but also to convenience.

Stylish slit trousers

  • One of the most interesting combinations is tight pants with a dress . Both leggings and straight-cut products are suitable.
  • These trousers look amazing with a large knit sweater, a strict shirt, jacket or cardigan .
  • Small cuts attract the eye to the shoe, so you need to take care of it. Try choosing high-heeled shoes or ankle boots for classic trousers.
  • Skinny trousers work well with boats, boots, sneakers and sneakers . It all depends on the style and your desires!

IMPORTANT! Pants with a slit are appropriate not only in the summer! For autumn and winter, opt for classic models of ordinary length with small cuts in the side seams. In warm spring and summer, it is worth leaving shortened trousers with a cut from the knee or even the thigh.

Pants are considered the perfect thing in ladies' wardrobe. Their main disadvantage is that they often hide the beauty of female legs. This can be fixed by selecting products with cuts.