What colors does blue in clothes go with?

Balanced and strong people often choose the blue color, since it has long been considered a symbol of restraint and moral balance.

The general meaning of the tone is harmony with the surrounding world, but its palette is so rich that it differs in some nuances. Light shades are associated with romantic impulses, spirituality, and dark with stability and firmness. When choosing clothes, one should take into account the meaning and energy of color, as well as one's type, taste and appropriateness of the outfit of the surrounding environment .

Blue features

It is versatile, noble and elegant, becoming an alternative to a boring gray or black business suit . At the same time, it is easily used, creating an easy way for walking and dating.

A wide palette allows you to find your own shade for a woman and successfully combine with other colors.

To understand and find "your" color, it is important to understand the properties. Any color is a wave that the eye sees and projects into the brain, creating a complete picture. It should be remembered that there are two types: cold and warm tones. In general, it is customary to attribute blue to the cold category, but this is wrong. If you look closely, some species have a hint of yellow. She gives warmth.

Shades of blue

They have long been divided into two large categories, distinguished by warmth. Understanding your own color type and focusing on the list below, you can greatly simplify your life by choosing the right shade in the store without measuring everything.

The cold was marked by such colors:

  • azure,
  • an electrician,
  • royal blue
  • bright blue,
  • indigo,
  • sapphire
  • cobalt
  • ultramarine,
  • Navy blue.

We assume that this is “ice”, then “flame” is:

  • cornflower,
  • Prussian blue,
  • turquoise,
  • denim
  • Moray eel
  • petrol
  • aquamarine.

What colors look very cool with blue in clothes?

The image should be whole, without sharp and disharmonious combinations.

Shades of blue are quite noble and, depending on the tone, are combined with almost everyone. But, guided by all the variety of fashion, I want to give the laurels really indisputable and classic combinations.


The sea wave and the sun, the first thing that comes to mind. Blue and yellow color complement each other perfectly, especially bright colors, for example, classic jeans and a lemon top will be a great option for a summer vacation. For the office, canary-colored blouses are selected and balanced with a skirt of the shade of a dark wave.

This is a classic combination, prompted by nature itself. The outfit is easy to dilute with various accessories to match the look.


A win-win version, also peeped at nature, it creates a mood of airiness, playfulness or powerful dynamics . A strict blue skirt and a white blouse are business style, and the mini option in electric color is an image for a party. A variety of shades allows you to create sets for every occasion.

Marine style has long been firmly established on the catwalks and wardrobes of fashionistas. It contains a blue and white strip imitating sailors.


Such a set involves access to a social event, it is appropriate in the theater, at a private party or in an expensive restaurant. The base is the blue color in clothes, and gold is an elegant addition to create an aura of aristocracy. In a women's wardrobe, these can be dresses of various styles combined with jewelry, and for a man’s wardrobe - an expensive suit and watch.

The black

Quite controversial use, as many examples show only the chill of two noble colors. At the same time, the ability to correctly place accents makes black and blue images sparkle with exquisite colors.

For inspiration, you should peek at the masterful combination of Yves Saint Laurent. One color should be a priority, and the second should be present as an addition.

Do not forget about jewelry, with them many sets look more spectacular.

The most unsuccessful color combinations with blue

It is imperative to select color combinations in such a way that no one hurts their eyes.

Especially carefully approach the issue of clothing, which is sewn from various sections of fabric.

  1. Blue + pink and blue + green will make any woman a parrot. The abundance of color prevents the eye from perceiving the image as holistic and complete.
  2. Bright blue in combination with orange gives the conflicting effect of two bright stars. Each of them will draw attention to themselves.
  3. Blue + brown, blue + dull gray create a gloomy mood.

Blue Clothing Tips

Creating an image for an exit, it is necessary to use some secrets of stylists. They are quite simple, the main thing is to remember and learn how to apply in everyday life.

  1. To learn how to choose colors, you need to start with monochrome clothing, understand how to diversify it, what jewelry to choose, with what to combine. Then you can increase the level of difficulty and move on to difficult duets. Start small, learn how to choose spectacular accessories for monochrome outfits.
  2. Of course, in the fashion world there are examples of a combination of 4 colors, but it is better to stay on the rule of 3 colors! For example, a blue base, a white addition and yellow accessories.
  3. A solid blue color in clothes will make you bored. Monochrome is constantly diluted with trifles: scarves, beads, bracelets.
  4. Proportions of color: one is the basis, the second is the shade, the third is the accent . Blue is ideal in that it is often used not only as a basis, but also as a successful addition.

It turns out that combining blue is very easy. The main thing is to decide on your own color type. More often it is chosen by purposeful people who believe in their own strength.