What color is combined with olive in clothes?

The color of the fruit of the olive tree is considered one of the most fashionable shades of green. Recently, he has gained immense popularity due to his belonging to the military style. It has several tones and varieties: golden-olive, earthy, bright olive, sage, lime, pistachio . It is so versatile that it fits perfectly in both men's and women's wardrobe. With what colors it can be successfully combined and to whom it suits the color type, you will learn from this article.

The nuances of combining olive color in clothes

It belongs to warm colors in neutral colors. With delicate colors it becomes feminine and soft. With a dark palette has a more traditional classic character. At any time of the year it looks elegant and stylish. The practicality of this color can be used in everyday looks. It has a calming effect on the nervous system and softens emotions.

What colors in clothes can be combined?

There are several successful combinations with olive color that will make your look irresistible and memorable:

  • gray is a modest combination for everyday onions, however, quite successful and no frills;
  • white - the purity of lines and harmony in this tandem will emphasize and make the image complete;
  • black - will save you from excessive attention, while the kit looks pretty strict, restrained;
  • golden - the most successful combination, which can be used both in everyday clothes and in festive dresses . You certainly will not go unnoticed, it is so perfect and impeccable;
  • salmon - they exclusively complement each other. Complete harmony and perfect harmony of bright colors and muted colors;
  • blue - calm and balanced, absolutely neutral, but still gets along well in the selection with olive;
  • yellow - the color of an orange cannot but fit another, also created by nature itself. What looks quite natural, realistic;
  • brown is humble in itself. Combining them together, you will get a monosyllabic, concise outfit for all occasions;
  • beige - perfectly coexists with olive, a typical basic version, with notes of femininity and freshness.

Olive color is so self-sufficient that it can be successfully used in monowells of one shade or several, but preferably no more than three.

What color type of appearance is suitable?

The color of unripe olives is neutral, it suits people of any color type. This should give priority to a competently combined image. Looks especially harmonious on girls with dark skin and brown eyes. Emphasizes the charm of brown-haired women, brunettes and girls with red hair. More carefully, blondes with marbled skin should be used. Experiment with a variety of saturations, find a more suitable option for yourself. Or try to beat accessories with other shades of the face.

Top 5 examples with olive clothing in the image

If you intend to use total bows in your clothes, you should collect them from objects of different textures. For example, combine smooth fabrics with embossed ones .

  1. It looks interesting in a fluffy dark skirt with a wide belt with a light tight-fitting guipure blouse with a boat neckline.
  2. Khaki trousers are not boringly combined with a blue jumper, which depicts a picture or ornament with elements of a similar palette.
  3. A dynamic image will be obtained from a pastel color cardigan with an olive sheath dress.
  4. A white silk blouse and a dark suit with cropped olive-colored trousers will not leave anyone indifferent. You will become in the eyes of colleagues and acquaintances the standard of taste and impeccability.
  5. Demi-season olive coat made of cashmere, combined with a gray belt and lapels with a similar color handbag and gloves, has been quite relevant and fashionable lately.

Look for your options, mix wardrobe items. Create new images, be stylish and always feel confident.