What color of clothing emphasizes “aristocratic” pallor

People with the so-called "aristocratic" pallor of the skin usually experience enormous problems with the selection of outfits . Such pallor is very striking to others, therefore, a competent selection of shades of clothing is required so as not to create a pallor already painful or not to get lost in excessively bright outfits. Stylists give a number of recommendations on this subject.

What is “aristocratic” pallor?

Very light, literally translucent skin with thin, prominent eyelids and, most often, fair hair - these are characteristic features of people with such a phenomenon as “aristocratic” pallor . Choosing clothes for such a type can be very problematic.

Pallor is not a defect or a violation, it is a feature of the body that must be considered unique and try to make it your main advantage.

Usually girls with pale skin look very gentle and vulnerable. If you choose the outfits wisely, having made the right choice in favor of color, you can create a romantic image of a young lady who men would like to protect at all costs.

With this type of appearance, it is better to choose the most feminine outfits, non-aggressive, calm shades. They will help to emphasize the sophistication and elegance of the girl, make her attractive and allow her to look fresh.

How not to get lost in bright clothes?

Bright clothes for "aristocrats", of course, are not taboo, but with pronounced colors you need to be careful. They are able to suppress by changing facial features and body proportions. And in this case, when the tan is completely absent on the body, this is easiest to do.

This does not mean that pale girls have bright clothes banned. Experienced stylists will help you choose bright shades that emphasize the style of the lady and do not spoil her natural features. Perhaps a brighter make-up or discreet accessories can help in this, which will slightly dilute aggressive shades.

Women deprived of tan are more suitable for pastel and calm tones. You can add bright accessories, for example, a handbag or a catchy scarf around the neck. This technique will help to balance the image and highlight the main advantages of onions.

5 successful shades emphasizing style and personality

Fashion designers have compiled a list of primary colors for girls with “aristocratic” pallor. These colors are designed to make the image as gentle and feminine as possible, harmoniously emphasize all the advantages of the image and not overshadow the natural beauty.

The main colors for girls who do not succumb to tan include:

  • soft peach;
  • muted pink;
  • white;
  • saturated orange;
  • pale blue .

Choosing these colors, you can be sure of its complete irresistibility.

Soft peach

A gentle, light shade makes it possible to refresh the image and look as natural as possible. Excessive pallor disappears somewhat, excessive fatigue disappears, withered skin shines with new colors.

Peach color literally illuminates the skin from the inside, giving it a natural look. In addition, the shade helps to focus others on the main advantages of the appearance and figure of a woman.

Muted pink

Discreet pink is a shade reminiscent of youth and youth. It is a universal shade that suits ladies with any type of appearance. Muted pink tones make the image gentle, feminine, elegant, able to transform beyond recognition and highlight the girl against the background of the crowd.


Another universal color is white. If the situation with the tan did not work out, you should pay attention to the white wardrobe. Snow-white things allow you to look fresh and cheerful, making the skin of any shade shine as if from the inside. Such an image always emits light and attracts the attention of others.

Saturated orange

This unique shade is able to highlight even the most inexpressive facial features. Bright orange is perfect for women with blond hair and small features. The girl will always be memorable, and from the clothes of orange color the mood rises.

Baby blue

Blue shades perfectly emphasize natural pallor and naturalness. Discreet makeup and a pale blue dress emphasize individuality. The set will be more vivid, the natural features of the skin will become even more noticeable, the girl will literally shine.

Natural pallor is not a flaw. A girl can look very harmonious and attractive if you choose the right shades of clothing and choose your own individual style. Even fair hair and expressionless facial features can be the main focus of the image. The main advantages should be unobtrusively emphasized by discreet colors of the wardrobe and attract attention.