What clothes enhance female energy?

Clothing not only creates the external image of a person, but also affects his inner world. This influence extends to self-esteem, and to the level of mood, and character, and behavior. In addition, each wardrobe item has its own energy, and some of them have the ability to accumulate this energy . Such clothes are considered “powerful” and capable of influencing the maintenance of the energy balance of its owner. Some women have long suspected this feature intuitively and take it into account when choosing a dress.

“Powerful” clothes - what?

The strength and attractiveness of a woman depends on the ability to replenish vital and sexual energy from the outside world. Basically, a woman receives this energy from the Earth in the most usual way - when she walks . Energy flows rise from the Earth upwards, and in order to “capture” as many of them as possible and concentrate in one direction, special clothing is needed.

Wardrobe items in the form of a cone expanding downward are best suited for this. And in order to capture the flow of energy right at the exit, before it has time to dissipate, the outfit should be as long as possible. That is why women have always preferred a-line dresses and skirts. They do their job very well, and, with all their external chastity, the women in them look charming and attractive.

Given that most items of clothing are in direct contact with the body, this contact should be as comfortable as possible . Agree that synthetic blouses and dresses are not very pleasant. They stick, stick to the body, “spark”, accumulating static electricity. Artificial fabric clothing cannot energetically fill a person . On the contrary, it negatively affects the biofield, creating an outflow of energy.

Fabrics made from natural materials have a beneficial, and sometimes healing effect:

  1. Cotton clothes can reduce internal stress, giving them a sense of calm and well-being. Cotton items are soft, they warm in the cold, and on cool days they give coolness, the body breathes in them and energy circulates freely.
  2. Flax brings a feeling of freshness. Its energy reduces anxiety, comforts, lulls. Linen clothes have always been considered a powerful protection against evil eyes and slander. In addition, flax fiber does not allow human energy to dissipate, thereby preserving and increasing it.
  3. Woolen clothes warm perfectly. And the wool has a large supply of its own energy and, due to this, nourishes the person, strengthening his protective mechanisms and increasing endurance.
  4. Silk has the energy of sensuality. His touches are gentle and pleasant. A woman dressed in silk robes becomes desirable and seductive.

Any natural fabrics carry the memory of sunlight, free wind and the strength of the plants from which they are made . This is the energy of nature itself, which it generously shares with man.

Womenswear items that enhance energy

Undoubtedly, a woman is free to dress as she wants. But if she cares about herself and her family, if she cherishes peace and harmony in her immediate environment, then it would be nice to choose those outfits that increase her vitality and increase her energy potential . After all, a "full" woman is interesting and attractive, she has something to share and what to give, and this is her happiness. Consider the most powerful energy items in a women's wardrobe.


The oldest symbol of femininity, having a sacred meaning. The skirt affects the perception and evaluation of herself, focusing specifically on the feminine, helps to gain the power of motherhood. Men also perceive such a woman in a special way, strive to take care of her well-being, protect them from life's difficulties.

A long skirt helps preserve the accumulated energy, which, getting into its “dome”, is accumulated and sent to the very center of female nature . Earth is the personification of fertility and fertility, and these concepts directly relate to the theme of female destiny. The Earth’s energy, “enhancing” a woman, brings material well-being, solidity, peace and tranquility to the house.

The wide hem of the skirt forms a kind of protective circle that protects the reproductive organs of women, which are so important for bearing healthy offspring . In many cultures, the hem was decorated with embroidered ornaments, fringe or braid. This created additional protection from the evil eye and negative energy.

Well, finally, the long skirt protects its owner from lustful looks that provoke the leakage of sexual energy, which can lead to a weakening of female vitality and the development of diseases.


The dress evokes the true nature of a woman . It is able to maintain the state in which the fair sex becomes soft, gentle, alluring. The dress straightens the posture, the gait becomes flying, and the mood is light and smiling. It is impossible to imagine a lady who in a beautiful outfit runs somewhere or drags heavy bags, screams or commands. We can say that the dress “gets” the woman out of the woman and this immediately affects both her self-awareness and those around her.

The long hem of the dress is, in fact, the same skirt, so all the valuable qualities that can enhance female energy are inherent in him. The enrichment of energy occurs not only due to its qualitative acceptance from the Earth, but also as a result of the delighted reaction of men who will certainly make a compliment, surround them with attention and care.

Important! Putting on a long dress, especially - expanding from the bottom, the woman provides herself with the necessary energy nourishment, so important and necessary for health, maintaining ties with tribal traditions and successful motherhood.

What clothes are less energetic, but also “positive”?

Dresses and skirts up to the middle of the calf or to the knee are a little less useful in terms of energy, but nevertheless they to a large extent retain their positive effect on female energy . Due to their shape, they are also able to gain the energy of the Earth, but its amount will be less in comparison with long dresses and skirts. And provided that this clothing is made of natural high-quality materials, the result of wearing it will soon become quite obvious and very pleasant.

By the way! Their “immediate family” mini act in the opposite direction. A girl in a miniskirt wastes her life force, and the energy she still receives from men is often of dubious quality.

Blouses, blouses

In relation to these representatives of the wardrobe there are no special rules. The only thing worth mentioning is loose fit. It is advisable that the blouse is not very tight-fitting and open, and its edges can be decorated with a beautiful ornament in a contrasting color. Such decoration of sleeves and gates will serve as a kind of amulet to protect exposure from negative energy.

Interesting! You can take an example from the ancient Slavs, who applied special “guard” symbols to clothes from the wrong side and come up with their own sign or small image. You can assign a brooch to your talisman by attaching it to a blouse.

All these little tricks raise the level of personal energy, and simply improve the mood, calm, because confidence in your security is one of the basic human needs.


This form of clothing is not very suitable for the "weak" half of humanity, but the rapidly changing world dictates its own conditions. And if today women cannot do without trousers, then let these clothes be free, moderately wide and made from natural materials .

Too narrow, tight jeans not only block the energy channel of communication with the Earth, but also pinch the pelvic organs, interfere with the free circulation of blood, which leads to unpleasant consequences in the form of impaired reproductive function.