What is a cloche hat?

The hat that will be discussed was popular on all continents, rich and poor, a hundred years ago. The "hat-cloche" has returned from oblivion today and is enjoying great success. It is worth noting that in Russia such hats also found their admirers.

What is a cloche hat?

Under the bizarre name “cloche” is a female hat in the shape of a bell. For this reason, it got its name, because the word cloche in translation from French means "bell".

The creator of this hat is a trendsetter, a famous fashion designer of her time (who lived in 1837-1927) Caroline Rebo. It was a bold move, since massive hats were in fashion at that time.

The cloche fits the head tightly, small fields can be worn straightened out, and can be tucked . Since this style is very suitable for long and short straight hair, then in the 20s of the last century, the Eton hairstyle came into fashion - these are short cut, smoothed hair.

The hat was very popular, the designers then created an atelier for the development of new models and competed among themselves. By the 30th year, the fashion for such a hat was gone. This was due to the fact that the style of clothing has radically changed, new hairstyles have come into fashion, and this hat did not fit every type of face. Superiority in fashion, this model lasted about 20 years.

What materials are these hats made of?

At the time of popularity, the material for their manufacture was felt. Now for the production of headgear, a variety of materials are used:

  • felt;
  • leather;
  • felt (felted);
  • down (down);
  • textile;
  • straw.

Traditional versions of models are sewn from materials that hold their shape well . Caps of this type are made warm for the cold season, and light, summer, to protect from the sun. Flares are decorated very varied:

  • colored lines "zigzag";
  • miniature bouquets;
  • veil;
  • all kinds of ribbons, lacing, straps.

Please note: the decoration is located only on one side. Any other accessories are appropriate for such a hat: scarf, gloves, beads, bracelets.

What are they combining with?

In 1980, a number of fashion designers, including Patrick Kelly, again turned their eyes to the cloche hat; in 2007-2013, couturiers returned to this interesting model again.

It should be noted that this model is not for everyone, rather the opposite . This hat comes to slim ladies with small features. It suits sophisticated natures, carefully choosing a wardrobe and preferring an extravagant style.

Cloche fits comfortably into vintage clothing. The hat can be worn with long loose sundresses or trousers in pajama style, it is combined with a flared skirt. As accessories, a long flowing scarf, or in a warm version a fur boa, is well suited.

Retrostyle - dresses with a low waist fits this headdress. In the urban style, there is also a place "hat-cloche" with a straight coat or classic jacket. A hat will be appropriate with a fluffy short coat. The only style that cannot be combined with cloche is sports.

The cloche can be worn by moving it to the back of the head and straightening the fringe, or shifting it a little to the side, or it can be shifted low to the eyes, then the emphasis should be on the bright lip color.

What kind of scarf can I wear?

With a crochet crochet, a scarf snood will be an excellent choice, the same texture and color as a hat. An ordinary knitted scarf of a not too voluminous style will look good, a scarf in the form of a scarf will also be a great addition to the hat.

If you prefer classic types of hats, then a palatine will suit you. It is possible to use any long scarves, the main thing is that this accessory should be an addition, and not distracting attention.

Examples of images with a cloche hat

This accessory looks good in any color scheme. The main thing is that it is combined with the general style of clothing.

For the classic style, such colors as black, dark blue, all varieties of gray are suitable. Coffee color and beige shades will look fresh and modern. Hats of burgundy, emerald, purple colors look luxurious and noble. The two-tone hat looks interesting, where the fields and tulle are of different shades.

Consider several images with this headdress:

  1. High boots or boots, leggings and a coat of a straight cut above the knees will create a complete image complete with a hat.
  2. A long sundress, a loose cut, ballet shoes and a straw hat with a bright ribbon will attract attention to you.
  3. Black patent leather high-heeled shoes, a classic suit: a skirt and fitted jacket with a belt of muted tones, a little black hat is a wonderful image of a business lady.
  4. A sheath dress, a small handbag with a long belt, high-heeled ankle boots and cloche shoes are a worthy cocktail option.
  5. The hat will look good with a cloak, a classic coat, a long coat. Nevertheless, this accessory came to us from the distant past and must be worn with clothes that are close to that era .

Do not experiment with jeans, sheepskin coats, ordinary jackets, down jackets. Despite the variety of models, this type of hat is not very popular among the people.

At different times, the "hat-cloche" was worn by Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Marion Davis, Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckham. Take a look at these models. Perhaps it is precisely such an accessory as a "hat-cloche" that is missing in your wardrobe.