What chrome boots are made of

Chrome boots have been used for more than a century, because they provide a high level of comfort, do not allow your feet to sweat and get tired. The secret of their popularity lies in the material from which they are made. This is chrome leather, which is obtained by tanning - treating the skin with chromium salts.

What is chrome material

This expensive material is classified by the type of raw materials used.

The most common is galling. This kind of leather is used for all types of shoes. Only skins of sucker calves are suitable for its manufacture. It stands out for its excellent strength and elasticity.

The outgrowth is made from the skin of calves switched to plant food. This variety differs from the liner in an enlarged pattern and a rigid structure.

Their skins of 1-1.5 year-old gobies get a material called a half-skin. Well suited for making upper boots.

The appearance of chrome boots

Chrome boots look different:

  • The front side is natural - smooth;
  • Artificial - rifled;
  • Coated with oil varnish.

There are two types of cut boots:

  1. Smooth. It is possible to apply a drawing to individual elements.
  2. With decoration - artificial lace, lace stitching, perforation of individual parts, bows, buckles.

The chrome boots used in the Russian army, in addition to the standard size scale, I also have a shaft width scale. “U” is narrow, “C” is medium, “W” is wide and “OS” is very wide. This allows you to choose shoes "on the foot" and get the maximum level of comfort. High shafts protect the foot well from external influences: water, dirt, low temperature.

How to produce

Chromium is a chemical element, a solution of salts that has been used for two hundred years in the manufacture of leather for boots. The process is called chrome tanning. Tanning is single and double. At the end of this treatment, the skin gains strength, softness and elasticity. All these qualities are in demand when sewing quality shoes.

Inside the shoe, a different material is used. Their sole is made of polyurethane or rubber. The insole is made of leather with fabric. Shoes are strong. Because, the sole is not only glued, but also stitched. Additional inserts strengthen the toe and back. Height varies according to needs. The boots can be just above the ankle or cover the knee.