What is a capsule wardrobe and how to make it

There are many things, but the problem of daily choice has not disappeared. Familiar situation? A professional stylist claims that the whole thing is in capsules. I didn’t immediately understand what the capsules have to do with it? But now she herself was convinced that it was such an approach that would allow spending less on clothes and looking more diverse. But first things first.

What you need to know about capsule wardrobe

The basic wardrobe is not able to fully satisfy all the needs of everyday life. Therefore, the main things should be supplemented with individual capsules.

What is a capsule wardrobe

A capsule is a certain set of things designed in the necessary style, palette or intended to be worn in specific cases.

Attention! The capsule wardrobe includes 5-10 elements, of which 10-15 sets are easy to combine.

Each new thing is selected so as to perfectly blend with existing things. When creating capsules, in most cases we are talking only about clothes. Shoes and accessories can be more diverse and are selected later.

Things that are taken as a basis should be as simple and universal as possible . Indeed, the more various prints will be used, the more difficult it is to mix them with each other in the future. Prints are used only in items of the top, and the bottom should be necessarily monophonic .

Stylists note that no more than three colors should be used in creating a bow .

Capsule benefits

Those who tried to assemble a capsule wardrobe, no longer refuse it in the future. This is due to its advantages.

This is an opportunity to buy a minimum of things and thereby save a decent amount.

Each new thing becomes thought out . After all, women during shopping buy a lot of unnecessary clothes, completely unaware of how they will be used in the future.

Lack of clutter in the closet: only really necessary things are purchased. The base is built not on quantity, but on the compatibility of things with each other.

You don’t have to think long about what to wear today . Time is freed for sleep, relaxation, and other more useful activities.

What capsules do women need?

The wardrobe can consist of several capsules: for work, for sports, for rest and free time. If necessary, there can be many more.

Be sure to have basic things that you can easily beat.

For a business style, this is a pencil skirt or dress pants.

In the everyday version, the bottom is also first selected: jeans, a skirt, shorts, and then the top: blouses, sweatshirts, shirts.

A pair of dresses beat the evening bow, but you can include an elegant skirt and top. A variety of belts, jewelry, shoes, boots are selected for the dress.

Thus, the same thing with different accessories will look different .

The basic thing is a coat, which combines the rest of the wardrobe.

If the office does not have a dress code, then it is permissible to make the basis of things that fit into workdays and are suitable for meeting friends, going to the movies or the park.

A separate capsule is selected for each season. After all, winter implies the presence of warm clothes, and summer - lighter products. There are interseasonal things that can go from one category to another. In spring, with the onset of sunny days, with a color palette, you can also experiment by adding bright and light shades. In the summer, do not forget about the swimsuit.

Important! In the main wardrobe, it is desirable to have 2-3 capsules for all seasons.

How to make a capsule yourself

Each girl can create a capsule without the help of stylists and image makers. To do this, follow these recommendations.

Analyze your lifestyle . It is worth drawing a diagram and dividing it into sectors according to spheres of life. For example, it can be leisure, parties, office, sports, etc. Next, you need to choose the sector that occupies the most space in the circle.

Advice! For women on maternity leave, most things should be designed for relaxation and at home. If office clothing predominates, then it is better to get rid of it.

Further, a thorough check of the wardrobe is required, consisting in the removal of unnecessary things and the release of space.

Develop a concept of style in detail, consider how it will fit into the lifestyle.

Choose style and categories of clothes . It should be comfortable. For example, there are girls who prefer skirts to trousers and vice versa. However, sometimes it’s still worth trying something new.

Consider color preferences and choose only shades that suit you . To succumb to fashion in this case is not worth it.

Based on the information collected and its analysis, you can safely go for shopping to purchase the missing.

Reference! Also follow the rule of three things: each thing must be combined with three others.

A capsule wardrobe is an ideal solution for those who want to look diverse. It takes time and a certain effort to form it, but the result certainly deserves it.