What can I wear winter men's sneakers with?

Sneakers - shoes are comfortable and practical . It has long blended not only in sports, but also in everyday life. Apparently, the reason for this is the accelerated rhythm of life.

Comfortable shoes are simply a necessity for those who spend a lot of time on their feet or lead an active lifestyle. For men who follow fashion trends, cross-countries occupy one of the leading positions in creating images.

How to wear men's sneakers in winter?

Today, shops are full of an abundance of colors and styles, which helps to choose a model, even on the most problematic foot.

Pay attention to what the shoes are made of. Genuine leather, according to experts, is not the best option. Do not worry that synthetics will prevent the skin from breathing. Thanks to new technologies, such shoes better protect against the cold. A solid rubber sole contributes to this.

Outside, the sneakers should be treated with a special moisture-resistant composition, and inside, create the effect of thermal underwear.

This article will help you find answers to most of the questions and figure out which shoes to choose and what to combine with.

Let's start the analysis, following from top to bottom.


Since we are talking about the winter version, it is clear that it is important to combine sneakers with headgear.

If you 're looking for a casual yet stylish outfit, opt for a gray knit or knit hat.

A black baseball cap is perfect for more athletic options - white and dark-colored shoes.

To create an interesting and bold image, young people can wear hats or caps of restrained tones. The highlight of the appearance can be not only interesting hats, but also, for example, red crosses.

When choosing, do not forget about practicality, white crosses will unexpectedly serve better than black ones - they are most affected by reagents. If the soul lies closer to dark colors, then experts advise to purchase blue, gray, brown, burgundy sneakers, as well as khaki shoes.

Another option is to choose bright colors in winter that will set the mood for the whole image.


Top - an integral part of the stylish appearance.

A down jacket, sheepskin coat or fur coat is now at the peak of popularity, even famous designers choose them. In tandem with shoes, they are able to complement and emphasize the individuality of their master. If the window is not so frosty, then preference can be given to parka jackets, short or elongated coats.

It is important when choosing outerwear to pay attention to products made from natural materials. This will make you feel more comfortable in cold weather.


In most cases, all models look good with jeans, sweatpants, as well as loose cut pants, and even as paradoxical as it sounds with classic trousers.

Stylish images with winter sneakers for men

Here is a small selection of stylish images with winter sneakers for men.

When choosing a casual look, you should pay attention to the combination of shoes with jeans. If you want to look casual, jeans - boyfriends are suitable. When choosing light trousers made of denim material, use shoes of the same shade. If the pants are dark, then any color of sneakers will do.

Convenient and easy sneakers are created for active lifestyles, lovers of hiking and travel - something between sneakers and sneakers. This shoe embodies a balance of grace and free walking. Sneakers look good with free trouser models. If the pants are not monophonic, then the color of the shoes is best chosen based on the dominant shade.

Dark trousers can be combined with light crosses. Self-confidence and individuality will be emphasized by a cap with a sheepskin coat. Glasses are perfect for this look to protect from bright sunlight.

For visual lengthening of the legs, it is best to use trousers and shoes of the same tone.

To go out into the nature, it is necessary to take care not only of the warmth of the legs, but of the whole body. To do this, crosses are best combined with insulated pants. Simple and tasteful!