What can be made from old towels?

Often, old towels that are no longer used due to the fact that they have lost their appearance are simply thrown away. But do not rush and send them to the trash. You can, with little effort, give them a second life. Read more on how to do this.

Ideas for Using Old Towels

Towels - how many of them were thrown away in each family. After all, this thing quickly becomes worthless, wherever it is used - in the kitchen or in the bathroom. But before you throw another one into the trash, you should think about whether it is possible to give things a second life in some way. Here's what you can do:

  • child - bib or stuffed toy;
  • adult - slippers, bathrobe or peignoir after a shower;
  • for rooms - potholders, rugs;
  • for work in the kitchen and at home - rags, nozzles for a mop, napkins, potholders.

Bath mat

A towel mat can be made in many ways. For example, you can take monophonic, or you can have different colors and cut them lengthwise into rags of the same width. For convenience, patches of the same color can be sewn from the end. This way you get long stripes. After that, tie a braid out of strips. The braid is laid out either in a circle or in an oval shape. When laying out from the inside, it is necessary to grab with a needle and thread so as to fix adjacent rings .

The second version of the mat will require a plastic mesh with a small cell pitch. After that, towels are cut into narrow strips. Since the mat will have a terry texture, the length of the strips should be two times longer than the height of the terry part of the finished product. After the strips are cut, they should be tied with a uniform density around the mesh cells.

House slippers

Home slippers are quite simple to make. To do this, you will need not only old towels, but also old rubber slippers . After that, rubber slippers must be carefully trimmed with cut-to-size details. Sew seams by hand and with great care so that the work looks neat. To make the slippers softer, you can lay a thin layer of either batting or foam between the sole and the insole to be sewn.

Mop brush

An old towel that is especially badly lost can be adapted as a nozzle on a mop. And in order to reliably fix the structure, it will be necessary to make fasteners on buttons.

Before cutting the nozzle, you should spread the towel on the floor, put a mop on top of it and only then cut the desired piece . For fixation, it is worth immediately cutting along the edges on one side and the other as narrow as possible to the end parts of the narrow rectangular stripes. These will be the clasps. They must be carried out to the edges so that free-hanging edges are not formed. Otherwise, they will interfere with washing.

Small wipes for anything

Napkins are always needed on the farm. They may be required in order to wipe off the dust or wash the windows. In the kitchen - this is generally an indispensable thing - to wipe off the table, get wet what has spilled - all this can be done quickly with the help of napkins.

In order to make napkins, you just need to cut out the rectangles that are convenient in size and process the edges on the overlock to prevent sprinkling.


A potholder can also be made from old towels. To do this, just draw a pattern approximately the size of the palm. On the underside of the potholder, where the palm will be, several layers of fabric should be made to ensure the proper level of thermal insulation.

Important! When making a pattern, it is necessary to draw it significantly larger than the size of the hand, as this will ensure the convenience of work and the ease of gripping hot pens.

Interior pillows

They can be made from beautiful towels that are no longer in use. To do this, cut out the pieces that are best preserved. This is necessary so that the product is visually beautiful. And sew a rectangular pillow out of them. You can use the patchwork style, or you can, if the state of the towels allows you to cut four large quadrangles and sew them so that the front panel of the pillow is formed. The back can be made plain.