What is a body

Body is an ideal thing for connoisseurs of practical and comfortable clothes. It does not jump out of pants or a skirt, is sewn from different fabrics and is suitable for all occasions. In addition, there are female, children's and even male models.

Everything is clear with children’s, we won’t go into men’s, but women’s still need to be sorted out. How to choose what to wear and which fabrics to prefer when buying a female body?

What is a body

This is a fitting wardrobe element similar to a piece swimsuit. Unlike a swimsuit, it has clasps in the inguinal region, long and short sleeves, and is sewn from other, as a rule, natural fabrics.

Can be used as casual wear, for work or for a walk with friends. There is also:

  • sports and dance options, without fasteners;
  • erotic lingerie;
  • underwear

IMPORTANT! For each case and field of application, different body types are sewn. Use different styles and fabrics. Erotic are often lace and transparent, which will not be entirely appropriate for work or gymnastics.

Where does the name come from

In English, the body sounds like a bodysuit. In the translation “body” - body, “suit” - fit, fit.

The beginning of the development of the body, as casual clothes, was laid by the leotard sports outfit, named after the French gymnast Jules Leotard, who performed in interconnected shorts and a T-shirt. It was the end of the 19th century, and only gymnasts and acrobats used leotards, putting on top shorts or a skirt.

Until the 80s of the 20th century, leotard was comfortable sportswear, consisting of connected underpants and a T-shirt. Until Donna Karan came up with a button-down closure. Many people immediately fell in love with this clothing and got the name "body" - suitable for the body.

At that time, combidresses were widely used, they were made of elastic fabric without unnecessary decor. They were used for sports, and in fitness classes, which were broadcast on television, the girls put on the jumpsuit on top of the leggings.

Later, designers from all over the world began to modify and experiment with body, and all those types that are available for sale have reached us.

REFERENCE! Sports and dance options without fasteners, rightly called - leotard.

Description, features

Due to the fact that the body is a tight-fitting element of clothing, it emphasizes all the advantages of the figure. But if there are flaws, the body will expose them in a negative light. Therefore, girls with curvaceous forms should be careful about these clothes. If you like, you can buy a body shirt, it is more free. And if you don’t like shirts and want to wear tight-fitting ones, combine them in a multilayer manner - with a jacket, jacket or vest made of thick fabric.

With underwear, everything is clear, it can be a daily, corrective option, and maybe lingerie for a special occasion. But the varieties of everyday body we counted a minimum of 14:

  • with long sleeve;
  • short-sleeve;
  • without a sleeve;
  • strapless top;
  • shirt;
  • turtleneck;
  • T-shirt
  • on one shoulder;
  • with lacing on the chest;
  • on buttons and buttons from the neck to the bottom or middle of the abdomen;
  • wedding;
  • openwork;
  • pajamas;
  • dress with a translucent skirt.

IMPORTANT! Lacing on the back is used for underwear.

Everyday body is not necessarily boring. Designers use bright prints, rhinestones and sequins, lace and metal inserts. The usual style can be beaten so that it is suitable for a social evening in combination with a skirt, and for business negotiations complemented by classic trousers.

IMPORTANT! Buying a body of any kind is necessary only in a regular store, or in an online store with the possibility of fitting. They can not be selected according to the size of the clothes, there is a risk of buying a tight or large body, due to the different cuts of panties and the elasticity of the fabric.

What fabrics does it come from?

The fabric of the product depends on its style and purpose:

  1. For erotic underwear or evening bodysuit use lace, mesh, micro-mesh, silk, satin, guipure.
  2. Plain underwear is sewn from cotton, there may be inserts from elastic fabrics in a slimming version.
  3. Sports leotards are made of cotton with the addition of elastic material.
  4. Everyday options can be cotton, knitted, guipure and even sewn from a transparent microgrid for bold fashionistas.

Despite the shortcomings in the form of the inability to buy via the Internet and the unusualness in wearing at first, the body is a universal thing. She will not allow to expose her stomach or to gather in lifebuoys at the waist even with the most active dances. And it always looks advantageous, the main thing is to choose for your figure and correctly combine with other clothes.