What blouse to wear with a long skirt

The floor skirt is versatile. It has been worn at all times. From the very day when women decided to change their skins to fabrics. For the past several seasons, at fashion shows around the world, this part of the wardrobe is a must. In the most various executions and color schemes. Not surprising. After all, she is good on any figure. The main thing is to be able to correctly find the remaining components of the image.

Features of a combination of a long skirt with a blouse

To find the right combinations, several aspects should be considered:

  • colors;
  • what is made of;
  • cut;
  • the presence of pockets and decor;
  • type of belt (narrow or wide elastic, a row of several thin rows), under belts of different thicknesses, on a button and a zipper, with slots.

Differences in cut:

  • tight-fitting;
  • tight-knit;
  • expanding from the hips (for example, “year”);
  • wedges;
  • "the sun";
  • collected by magnificent folds;
  • "Flowing";
  • a straight line with cuts (one or two, behind or on the sides);
  • translucent with a stretch petticoat-mini and so on.

Reference! Depending on this, we are looking for an element that complements the outfit. This is one of the main principles of creating onions.

What blouses are suitable for a long skirt

With a long skirt you can wear:

  • To the "pencil" buy volumetric translucent and airy, say: chiffon. You can beat them beautifully. If the skirt is not multi-colored, under it you need to take something in bright patterns or with a futuristic print. Necessarily the same gamut. Let's say a beige, sandy, khaki, white color combination blouse is suitable for brown;
  • The bottom is silk or satin, reminiscent of flowing water, complement the tight blouse;
  • Flare options include shirts and formal blouses with no knots on the belt. The flared model itself is already a spectacular element. It does not have to be heavier;
  • If the material contains patterns, it is better not to overdo it with accessories and jewelry. Gypsy style is far from everyone;
  • Warm winter styles in a large cage look great with one-color sweatshirts. The fitted jackets from jeans, short leather jackets. A short coat on fur with a hood is also a wonderful choice. A sheepskin coat to the hips will do;
  • Shirts that make the shoulders narrower for refueling. It looks feminine;
  • Denim vests can be worn with a corrugated pleated maxi.

What blouses should be excluded from the image with a long skirt

The recommendations are as follows:

  • If the skirt or top is in patterns, then you need to leave one thing. A simple rule: bottom - color, top - plain. And vice versa;
  • Even plain clothes (turtlenecks, sweaters, sweaters) without patterns cannot be combined with clothes that do not match the gamut. Just imagine: green and red, blue and pink, raspberry-emerald, silver with gold. Etc. Such screaming “unions” look extremely ridiculous;
  • To a magnificent "maxi" it is impossible to add a voluminous jacket. This is very complete and gives the figure an unnecessary additional volume.

Things should be selected in a single style: business, evening, classic, etc. A playful colorful skirt for warm seasons with a sweater or a strict jacket is a terrifying bad manners.