What is better for traveling: a suitcase, a travel bag or a backpack?

Any trip, from going to the forest with tents to flying to an exotic country, begins with collecting the necessary things. The disputes of lovers of suitcases, bags and backpacks do not subside, flaring up every summer with renewed vigor. Determining your own preferences, you should study the pros and cons.

Going on a journey, do not forget about ... a suitcase, gym bag or backpack

Each person plans a vacation before the trip, calculates how much clothing he will need, whether he will carry souvenirs for friends, how dimensional they will be. An important fact is the presence of a transfer and the number of transfers.


It should be noted right away: the advantages and disadvantages directly depend on the stiffness of the walls, they protect luggage, allowing you to transport even fragile things. At the same time, stiffening ribs create a fixed volume, setting a specific algorithm for the layout of things.

An important role is played by the size of the suitcase. There are three standards: S, M, and L. Only essentials can be packed in a small suitcase. With size M, you can already find a place for your favorite book and gifts, and the most dimensional models are able to take away a small souvenir shop.


  • The strong case will allow to bring valuable fragile souvenirs safe and sound.
  • Clothes are laid out in piles, so they practically do not wrinkle.
  • The more things you need, the more dimensionally you choose a suitcase.
  • Relatives and friends will definitely have a suitcase, and they won’t have to buy it.
  • You can buy models with wheels, but they must be carefully chosen so that they are strong and even, otherwise there is a risk of being left without them.


  • If the wheel breaks off, then you have to drag the weight on yourself.
  • Any irregularities, including steps, will force you to carry the suitcase in your hands, .
  • It is impossible to go far from the airport with a suitcase to catch a cheaper taxi.
  • Suitcases are easier to open .

We must not forget about weight restrictions: the ticket price includes, as a rule, 23 kg, including the weight of the suitcase itself.

Sports bag

Manufacturers now produce quite elegant models, there are even leather options. It is best to buy a product with a handle that surrounds the entire bag, so the load is distributed more evenly. The bag will be an excellent assistant in transporting things for active tourists who like to travel by car and buses on various excursions. It is smaller than a suitcase and is better suited for numerous transfers and trips.


  • Bags are very spacious due to the soft walls.
  • You can throw it on your shoulder.
  • Some tourists travel with an empty spare bag, neatly packed in the main one, to return back with souvenirs and gifts.
  • It is easier to store in between vacations: a bag takes up much less space than a suitcase.


  • Durability: often their handles come off, lightnings break.

In defense of the bag, it should be noted that most often the owners who failed to calculate the possibilities of a tourist accessory are to blame for breakdowns.


This is a wonderful solution for those who like to travel a lot and move around on various vehicles, who are not afraid of the difficulties of walking and open to new experiences.


  • Compact size - it is much easier to transport even in the most cramped conditions.
  • Incomplete backpacks are compressed with ties to the completely overall dimensions of hand luggage.
  • Versatility: it is equally suitable for hiking in the forest for one day and ten.
  • With a backpack you can go on any road.
  • For quick access to necessary things provided external pockets.
  • It will not take up much space in the pantry.
  • The backpack itself is lighter than a suitcase.


  • The backpack is worn on the back, so it is forbidden to people with diseases of the spine.
  • Sticking straps are able to get stuck in luggage bands.
  • The back sweats often.
  • There is no certain order, things often add up in a kind of chaos, understandable only to the owner. Sometimes you have to "dig" a backpack to the bottom to find the desired item.
  • It gets wet more often .

Perhaps this is the most roomy choice for luggage, because it has more usable volume than an overall suitcase, not to mention compact bags.

So what is better to take?

From the point of view of safety, the suitcase suffers first of all, it is they who are most often hacked by scammers. At the same time, it is indispensable for family trips; its spaciousness will help to collect all children's and adult things. The suitcase is suitable for a tour with a transfer, a relaxing holiday without changes, then its dimensions and weight will not strain.

A person with a bag or backpack is more mobile, these accessories are chosen by lovers of excursions, tours on buses, trips by car. A backpack is an absolute option for those who make difficult tours and prefer independence.

In any case, the choice is up to the traveler! It all depends on personal preferences and capabilities.