What is better for a sofa - chenille or flock?

Flock and chenille are the most popular fabrics as upholstery for upholstered furniture. What to look for when choosing between two options? Read about it later.

Pros and Cons of Chenille

“Chenille” is translated from French as “caterpillar”. Its surface has a pile resembling the cover of a shaggy caterpillar. The composition of the fabric may include synthetic and natural threads (50% each), sometimes completely synthetic options are found. Pile is able to maintain its original appearance for a long time. Some manufacturers guarantee up to half a century the service of such a fabric .

The advantages of chenille upholstery:

  • durable, does not deform, spools do not appear;
  • resistant to abrasion and odors, does not crease;
  • has hypoallergenic properties;
  • elastic, does not fade and does not fade;
  • pleasant to the touch, soft, keeps warm and gives the furniture a cozy look.

Cons are considered: the high cost of the material, instability to get wet, stains appear after drying. Pets can damage it with its claws, forming puffs on the upholstery.

Advantages and negative qualities of flock

Flock is similar to velvet, has a short and soft pile. It is obtained by gluing nylon fibers onto a cotton (or polyester) base under an electrostatic field. This process is called flocking.

Advantages of the flock can be considered:

  • strength and tear resistance;
  • hair and wool do not stick, does not deteriorate under the influence of animal claws;
  • moisture resistant and easy to clean - easy to clean, treated with impregnation;
  • It does not fade or slide;
  • pleasant to the touch and insensitive to temperature changes.

The negative sides of the flock can be considered: abrasion during use, absorbs odors. Alcohol and other solvents can cause bald patches on the surface of the fabric. If the furniture is transformed during operation, the pile may wear out at the joints.

What is preferable for upholstery?

  1. For the sofa in the living room, it is recommended to choose chenille. It gives a presentable appearance and sufficient durability of furniture for people with a relaxed lifestyle.
  2. A flock that is more resistant to pollution is better for a children's sofa. If necessary, it is easily cleaned with detergents, which is important for any children's things.
  3. If there are animals in the house, then the sofa from the flock will withstand traces of their claws.
  4. If you smoke in the room, then chenille does not absorb smells, and only leather can be an alternative to it, which makes furniture expensive.

When is flock better, and when is chenille?

Before choosing the right upholstery for future furniture, you need to evaluate how intensively it will be used and for what purpose to serve.

Important! It should be remembered that the sofa should be in harmony with other interior items, at the same time is the central subject in the room. It is under its color that curtains are selected, walls and floors are finished.

Flock and chenille are excellent upholstery options, but their features should be considered when choosing upholstered furniture.