What is better ecoskin or fabric

When choosing a sofa, a stroller for a baby or upholstery in a car seat, buyers always try to choose what would most suit the main criteria: comfort, safety and optimal price. And there are a lot of offers on the modern market, while the price categories are very different. How to easily and quickly navigate among them?

Ecoskin is a modern material, an analogue of genuine leather, perfectly suitable for interior and exterior decoration of a stroller, car and upholstered furniture. To many, he immediately fell in love not only for his appearance, but also for the ease of care.

In order to clean ecoskin, you just need to wipe it with a damp cloth or sponge. In addition to ease of care, ecological skin has other advantages. It combines all the advantages of genuine leather and the advantages of fabric upholstery.

The leather interior of a car is expensive and prestigious. But presentable upholstery of the machine is made not only of ecological leather, some types of fabric still compete well with it. For example, more expensive car covers are made of tweed (woolen fabric, which includes a metallized thread). Also for these purposes various polyester, knitwear, velor, Alcantara, supplex, velor and other materials are used. Each buyer has the opportunity to choose the material to their liking, guided by personal requirements and preferences.

Jacquard (fabric) or eco-leather which is better

One of the known types of fabric used in the manufacture of furniture, prams, car upholstery and car covers is a synthetic jacquard impregnated with an antistatic agent. Due to its low cost and a lot of positive characteristics, this is perhaps the most popular and often used material today. Why is he so good?

Jacquard Characteristics

Jacquard Benefits:

  • cheap;
  • holds form;
  • does not fade;
  • durable
  • wear resistant;
  • practical
  • breathing;
  • many colors and textures;
  • easy to care;
  • It has low flammability.


  • poorly retains heat;
  • unpresentable appearance.
  • only removable parts can be washed.

Ecological skin also has excellent performance, and it’s often easier to care for it than for fabric. To wipe it from dust, a damp cloth is enough, and with the help of a sponge and means for genuine leather it is easy to cope with more serious dirt.

Features eco-leather

Reference! Ecological skin is called because during operation it does not emit substances harmful to health. This is especially important when we consider eco-leather as material for a pram.

Pros of eco-leather:

  • easy to clean;
  • hygienic;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • has a wide range of textures and colors;
  • breathable material;
  • keeps heat well;
  • resistant to fading;
  • wear resistant;
  • does not get wet;
  • cheaper than genuine leather;
  • great appearance.


  • Heats up very much in the summer;
  • freezes in the winter;
  • eco-leather of light shades darkens over time;
  • the material is afraid of ash and cuts;
  • costs more than fabric.

Draw small conclusions

As you can see, each material has its pros and cons. Therefore, it is unambiguous to say that eco-leather or fabric upholstery is not better. Much depends on the purpose and situation in which they will be operated. For example, upholstery of a sofa for a living room and upholstery of a kitchen corner with a berth requires a different approach.

One driver does not like cold leather seats in the winter, another considers them practical. Some executives are not at all enthusiastic about chairs made of ecological leather, sitting on which is hot in summer, cool in winter, and cuts and scuffs occur relatively quickly. Special requirements are also imposed on the upholstery of strollers for babies, everything here is strictly individual and depends on the preferences of the parents.

What is better for a stroller - eco leather or fabric

So from what material should parents choose a stroller for the baby so that the child is comfortable in it and at the same time she retains her appearance for a long time? Despite the fact that eco-leather is a high-quality imitation of genuine leather, it still has some disadvantages. Therefore, for many parents, the time-tested fabric stroller remains an alternative. It is only necessary to determine the type of material.

Many mothers prefer to get a linen stroller for the summer: it does not fade, it is easily washed, and the child in it is not stuffy and easy to breathe. The fabric parts of the stroller, if they are removable, are easily erased in an automatic machine. If you can’t remove them, stains and dirt can be removed with a brush dipped in soapy water. Strollers with polyester are also operated well: it does not fade and is easily cleaned from dirt and stains with a sponge.

If you nevertheless chose eco-leather, it will be useful to know some tricks


  • To prevent a child in an eco-leather stroller from being cold in winter, it is recommended to use a special warm mattress.
  • Keep in mind that over time, the skin on the stroller is still worn out (for example, in the bumper area). The material does not tolerate scratches and cuts, which is important for children 1.5-3 years old.
  • In a stroller made of ecological leather, it’s stifling in the summer, although you can very well choose more expensive models with a removable top and the possibility of airing.

Advice! Before the upcoming purchase, once again analyze all the pros and cons of the various options, read the reviews of the owners of the strollers of both types on the forums. Think about what time of year you will most often use this vehicle and how old the child is.

We hope our material selection tips have been helpful.