What is better ecoskin or artificial leather

Faux leather or artificial leather - which is better?

Many people, of course, prefer natural, but such a material is difficult to manufacture, it is expensive and therefore not every person has the opportunity to purchase high-quality things. In such a situation, you can choose products at lower prices made from cheaper materials whose properties are close to genuine leather.

In modern times, a lot of synthetic materials have appeared that are used for the production of furniture, clothes, bags, etc. It is very difficult to choose a truly high-quality item from the entire variety of goods so that the price-quality ratio matches the desires of consumers.

Let's try to figure out which material is better - eco leather or artificial material. Artificial leather is made of polyvinyl chloride. A layer of PVC is applied to the fabric. To make the product softer, more flexible and wear-resistant, chemicals are used in the manufacturing process.

Important! The plasticizers and stabilizers used to produce artificial leather are not harmless to human health, it is because of them that the leather substitute exudes an unpleasant odor.

In modern times, artificial material is particularly popular, because the scope of its application is vast, and it costs much less than natural. Faux leather is used to make clothes, shoes, bags, gloves and many other accessories.

Often the furniture upholstery consists of artificial leather, and the leather substitute is also perfect for decorating rooms, for example, for warming and improving the appearance of doors. In addition, leatherette can be chosen in any color, which gives additional opportunities for the flight of imagination of room designers or the most daring decisions in sewing clothes. Artificial leather is often used for lining the salons of private cars or for public transport.

Reference! The leatherette has high strength, resistance to adverse environmental influences and burning.

Ecoskin consists of a layer of polyurethane on a fabric basis made of 100% cotton. The process of its manufacture resembles the same as in the production of artificial material, but still there is a significant difference.

As part of eco-leather there are no substances harmful to health, it is made from environmentally friendly raw materials, which earned this name. At the end of the production of eco-leather, the output is a soft, plastic and rather durable material that can be purchased at an attractive price.

Important! Ecoskin is absolutely safe for health and is an excellent substitute for natural, if a person suffers from allergic reactions to material of natural origin.

Faux leather is very difficult to distinguish from genuine leather, so the demand for such products is growing every day. High-quality materials have always been in demand on the market, and eco-material has all the useful properties of a material of natural origin, and even to some extent surpasses a product from natural raw materials.

For example, eco-leather “breathes” better than genuine leather that has undergone acrylic processing. It is used for sewing clothes, making shoes, furniture, for car upholstery, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages

Eco-leather has many advantages:

  • Thanks to the multitude of micropores, eco-leather is breathable, which allows the epidermis to breathe.
  • Low price for eco -leather products compared to genuine leather.

Important! The original appearance of products made of eco-leather almost does not differ from goods in the production of which natural materials were involved, but you can buy them much cheaper.

  • Only environmentally friendly raw materials without toxic substances are used. For human health, constant wear of eco-leather clothing is not capable of doing any harm. In addition, unlike leatherette, ecological skin does not have such an unpleasant odor, because its production does not use chemical harmful substances.
  • Eco-leather is able to independently recover after surface deformation. Naturally, if a product breaks or undergoes mechanical damage as a result of which a cut remains, nothing will pass without human participation.
  • Eco-leather is often chosen by consumers who value humanity and human generosity towards “our smaller brothers”. Compared to genuine leather, eco-leather production does not require killing animals for selfish purposes, which is a fundamental factor in choosing high-quality products of synthetic origin.
  • Unlimited possibilities for designers in choosing colors. In modern times, you can find eco-leather products in various shades.
  • Easy to care. To maintain things in perfect condition does not require expensive funds and additional effort. To remove stains, you can use an ordinary soap solution, and to wipe the dust, any damp cloth is suitable.
  • Although ecoskin breathes fine, it does not let moisture pass. Its micropores are too small for water to enter.
  • Ecological skin is able to withstand minus temperatures, and at the same time not lose its shape. In hot sunny weather, the eco-leather product does not overheat, it is comfortable to be in such clothes, despite any weather conditions.
  • This material is flexible when cutting and sewing, it is very pleasant to work with eco-leather.
  • Does not cause allergic reactions.
  • Upholstered furniture upholstered in eco-leather can be located anywhere, compared to leatherette, it is not afraid of overheating from heating devices or other sources of heat.

With all its advantages, eco-leather also has some disadvantages:

  • Ecological skin is not suitable for people seeking to show their high position in society with the help of chic, expensive things. A rich person is unlikely to seek a replacement for genuine leather and use eco-leather in clothes or for furniture, as it is generally believed that the more expensive the material, the better the quality.
  • Even the highest quality eco leather will not be able to compare in terms of durability with genuine leather. Of course, an environmental leather product can last quite a while, but over time, the appearance ceases to please the consumer. Therefore, if a person plans to buy a thing for permanent use and for many years, then natural materials should be preferred.

Important! Ecoskin is an excellent alternative to natural skin, since it contains almost all the signs and properties of products of natural origin, but most importantly - it is humane in relation to animals and is in the middle price range, accessible to people with any financial situation.

Advantages and disadvantages of faux leather

Faux leather has a large list of disadvantages compared to eco-leather:

  1. It practically does not let air through.
  2. Faux leather does not hold heat well in cold weather and does not give a feeling of comfort in the heat.
  3. Although artificial leather has some strength, but, like ecoskin, it is subject to deformation and does not have high wear resistance.
  4. Artificial leather is not as pleasant to the touch as natural or eco leather.
  5. Faux leather is not recommended to be located close to heating appliances, because during the heating process it begins to release toxic elements that are dangerous to human health.
  6. Bad smell.

Despite the shortcomings, leatherette plays an important role for the production of furniture, clothes and other products, since in addition to the minuses, this material also has many advantages:

  1. Low price. Faux leather is really very cheap, and it can also last several years in its original form with proper care and careful use.
  2. Artificial leather can be found in various colors. Bright, saturated shades, a game of colors - all this is available with faux leather.
  3. Does not leak moisture.
  4. Such material is very simple and easy to care for.
  5. A leather substitute does not cause any special trouble for masters when cutting.
  6. Attractive appearance.

Important! Of course, rivalry of leather substitute with genuine leather occurs on unequal conditions. But, he has the main main advantage - an excellent parody of real skin at a low price.

To summarize

Of course, eco-leather is much better than leatherette and surpasses it in many properties. However, you should not send faux leather to “retire”, because of the cheapness of this material will remain relevant for a long time and will be in demand in the market.

For example, a person very often changes bags or any items of clothing. In this case, faux leather is ideal - why spend a huge amount of money each season, if in the next you want to change your image, and for this you are completely going to change your wardrobe. Although you should not follow fashion so blindly - quality things have always remained a priority and have always been fashion trends in any season.

Each reader will decide for himself what is best for him - artificial or environmental leather. We hope that this article will help you make the right choice so that you enjoy not only the optimal purchase price, but also unsurpassed quality.