What is better alcantara or eco leather

Alcantara or eco-leather - which is better, let's understand

It's nice to see, and even better to sit in a car that is covered in leather. Immediately one feels the status, self-esteem and the feeling that life is good are growing.

But genuine leather is expensive, though prestigious pleasure. Therefore, many motorists choose substitutes that are more affordable in cost.

Today there are enough skin substitutes, since chemists are not in vain getting money for their labor. But most of all on the lips, car owners hear such names as Alcantara and eco leather.

About Alcantara and eco-leather

Outwardly, Alcantara resembles suede, and to the touch, it looks like it. Material is produced (over 50 years) from three derivatives:

  • cotton;
  • polyester;
  • polyurethane.

Prestigious car brands such as Mercedes or Lexus have seat upholstery made of this material.

Ecoskin is a relatively new material, gaining popularity not only among motorists, but also shoe makers and fashion designers.

The fabric base and polyurethane film are the components of the material. High-quality polyurethane is non-toxic and does not harm the human body. Covers from eco-leather look prestigious and status. Externally, ecoskin practically does not differ from natural, but it costs several times cheaper.

Faux leather arigon or alcantara which is better

New eco-leather and Alcantara materials cannot be compared with the first faux leather prototypes. For example, dermatin was made from polyvinyl chloride with an artificial base. And modern ecoskin and Alcantara are materials of half natural origin.

Ecoskin is produced in various versions, but most of all our consumer knows the Arigon brand. The material is popular and in demand for covers or seat covers in a car and for a tuning studio (decoration of any parts in a car dealership).

The latter is generally popular to enhance the basic properties of a car. Arigon is made only by hand, so the quality of the material is at the highest level. In addition, arigon has a variety of colors, which makes it possible to choose the perfect option for a car.

Arigon products are breathable, which at times increases its operational properties. Arigon is a kind of eco-leather that comes in different designs. But if the car owner wants to get the uniqueness and exclusivity of the salon, then the Arigon brand is the best solution.

Advantages and disadvantages of Alcantara

Alcantara is a fairly durable material with wear resistance in use and mechanical stress, such as cutting objects or heat from a cigarette. Alcantara repels dust and pollution.

Remarkable ventilation performance allows the material to breathe, and good thermoregulation does not accumulate either heat or cold. The anti-slip effect is especially noticeable in sharp bends.

According to experts, the material has no particular flaws, but there are a couple of points that it is advisable to take into account when choosing Alcantara as the seat upholstery:

  1. Suede fabric requires regular maintenance. Therefore, weekly cleaning of the interior and covers are required.
  2. Not always suede is the preferred upholstery for motorists.
  3. The cost of Alcantara is much higher than eco-leather, which is not a plus in the choice of material.

Advantages and disadvantages of Arigon

Arigon - eco - leather, produced by the brand of the same name. Users who choose arigon as the seat upholstery note the following advantages of the material:

  1. The eco-leather ventilation is not very high, so in the hot season the seats quickly heat up and stay cold for a long time in the winter.
  2. The thermal conductivity of ecological skin is comparable to natural, so it is pleasant to the touch.
  3. Material is leveled independently. This is important, as there may be times when it crumple in aggressive mode.
  4. The eco-leather is “indifferent” to temperature fluctuations, therefore it does not crack and has a long service life.
  5. It is easy to look after ecoskin. Simply wipe it with a sponge. Even a difficult spot is not a problem. Material can be dry cleaned.
  6. Faux leather covers do not diverge at the seams and do not lose their shape throughout the entire operational period.
  7. Only a good specialist will be able to see eco-leather, which is difficult to distinguish from natural, which gives prestige and the status of a car.
  8. Wide application makes the material in demand for many sectors of light industry.
  9. The material is hypoallergenic and does not cause negative reactions in humans upon contact.

By the minuses of the material, like upholstery for seats, the mandatory impeccability of the size of the covers relative to the seats. With insufficient tension or vice versa, the covers will begin to wrinkle and wrinkle or crack.

For the right choice, it is necessary to know the exact dimensions of the seats and select covers individually, excluding the average values.


There is no definite answer to the question of what should be chosen for auto or upholstery covers. It all depends on how the car is operated, whether animals and children are transported in it. You also need to consider how often the machine is used, and when it is used more often. If you want durability, prestige and practicality, choose eco-leather from the Arigon trademark. All performance will be maintained for a long time. If the goal of status is primarily pursued, then Alcantara is the best choice. Even the Maybachs finish Alcantara.

The second aspect of the issue is cost. At the price of eco-leather Arigon is much cheaper than Alcantara. Arigon undoubtedly wins in value, and taking into account its operational qualities, it becomes doubly profitable.

When deciding on the choice of material between eco-leather Arigon or Alcantara, experts tend to give preference to Alcantara. It is more wear-resistant, which is important with frequent use of the car. And the choice must be made based on your preferences.