What is the best wheeled trolley?

Going to a store or market, every woman thinks about how to buy and deliver food to her home without harming her health and beauty. An excellent way out could be a shopping bag on wheels, but the image of a hunched old woman in a scarf immediately appears in her head, pulling a heavy cart with her.

It turns out that all this is in the past, and modern manufacturers have long been offering fashionable and ergonomic trolley bags to fragile housewives. How to choose such a lifesaver, prompt the advice of specialists.

Criteria for choosing a wheeled shopping bag

Since such a trolley has an economic purpose and it is supposed to carry quite a heavy load in it, when choosing it, you should pay attention to:

  • structural strength;
  • features and number of wheels;
  • the fabric of which the bag is made.
  • Let us dwell in more detail on each characteristic.


In order for the assistant not to fail at the most crucial moment, she must have a solid frame made of steel or a special aluminum alloy . The second material is easier, which means it is preferable, since it will be easier for girls to handle such a bag.

Important! Pay attention to the welds: traces of argon welding should be visible. Any rivets, couplers and other “clutches”, as a rule, do not stand the test of load and time.

As for the wheels, it is more reliable if they are made of special silicone, as it is more difficult to wear . Metal wheels are also suitable, the main thing is that they are equipped with rubber or silicone tires. The optimum diameter of the wheel is 12–18 cm, since it is it that provides the best passability of the trolley bag through the “thorns” of Russian roads.

The fabric of the bag should be easy to wash and waterproof so that, on the one hand, the weather does not threaten the purchases, and on the other hand, possible damage to the packaging of the purchases themselves will not damage the hostess’s reputation by ugly stains and puddles in inappropriate places.


If you plan to use a trolley bag for trips to a hypermarket or to the market a couple of times a month, then it is better to choose an average volume of 40–50 liters, and for daily purchases, a volume of 38–40 liters is also suitable. For large loads, for example, to purchase products for the summer season, a heavyweight of 60 liters is more suitable.

Important! Do not confuse volume with payload! A bag with a capacity of 40 liters can be designed for a load of not more than 15 kg. Please check the label before purchase.


Often you have to take small, but necessary things, such as key holders, glasses or umbrellas, with you on a trip to the shops or markets, so it is important that you have various pockets in the trolley bag and additional fasteners with valves and fasteners.

It’s good if the design of your assistant has wheels on the wheels for additional load securing and “tricky” handles, which will greatly facilitate the packaging and transportation of your purchases .

Models with a reclining seat are noteworthy, which is very convenient for young mothers, elderly housewives or summer residents, who sometimes have to wait a long time for transport at stops.

Some models have thermal compartments, in which even in the heat, frozen or chilled products will reach the house in full safety.


In order for the trolley bag to be stable, the width of the frame should be approximately 30–40 cm, it is this size that allows you to reliably fix the load without risking losing balance and “dumping” the sides of the bag.

In addition, it significantly affects the stability and height of the handles: a short handle is convenient for storage, but inconvenient to use, because, firstly, you have to bend your back to pull it or push it in front of you, and secondly, with the slightest loss of vigilance, the trolley strives to fall to one side.

Which is better? Selection tips

To summarize. Going to purchase a shopping bag on wheels, we adopt the following tips:

  • we determine the purpose and based on this, select the desired volume and load capacity of the model;
  • when buying, pay attention to the width of the frame, the material of the frame and wheels;
  • select the height of the handle;
  • Having decided where we will go shopping, we determine what of the additional "functions" of the bag may be needed.

And the last: pay attention to the overall design of the bag and the fabric from which it is sewn to look fashionable and beautiful and at grocery shopping.