What bag to wear with a down jacket

Warm, lightweight, practical down jackets have long been loved by women of fashion of all ages. Today, a down jacket is not just a reliable protector from the cold, but also a stylish wardrobe item. Every year, the market is updated with new models, and the fantasies of designers are not limited to any one direction. Therefore, the question of which bag to pick up for a down jacket sounds quite reasonable. After all, style, as you know, manifests itself in detail.

General rules for choosing a bag for outerwear

The basic advice of stylists on how to combine outerwear with accessories is worth knowing by heart each fashionista. Then create an attractive image at any time of the year is not difficult. Among all the variations and combinations, three main points can be distinguished.

  • We take into account the style . Obviously, sportswear and a classic handbag are not best friends. The image thought out to the smallest detail is first of all relevance and rationality.
  • We select the color . Black, gray and brown briefcases will suit any clothes. In all other cases, you can beat colors by combining shades of a single color scheme, or balance one accessory with another to match. A classic example is a handbag and boots of the same color.
  • We combine invoices. Textile bags are a great companion for fabric jackets. Strict suede is the perfect complement to a cashmere coat. Leather is a universal “soldier”: it looks great with any outfit, regardless of material.


Handbags and clutches decorated with silk or lace - exclusively summer or evening option. Even with a light coat they will look ridiculous, not to mention warm clothes.

We gave a vivid example of how important it is to be able to correctly combine materials of different textures. Therefore, it is worth listening to the tips on choosing a bag for outerwear.

How to choose a bag for a down jacket

To make the bag and jacket look harmonious, it is important to rely on general recommendations in the first place. However, there are some nuances that apply specifically to downy winter coats.

Beauty or practicality: what bag to wear with a down jacket in winter

Weather in winter is changeable and unpredictable. Strong frosts, blizzards, wet snow can be a real test for a woman’s handbag. This means that in addition to external attractiveness, it will be useful to think about the practicality of the product. Simple recommendations will help you make the right choice.

  • The material . When looking for a bag for the winter, be sure to consider the weather factor. The fabric bag is suitable only for dry weather. However, the first snow or rain will spoil the appearance of such a bag, and, possibly, its contents. But a leather backpack will be able to withstand any bad weather. Handbags decorated with fur look very impressive. But here it is better to immediately take care of the replacement option in case of bad weather.
  • Operating conditions and. This item is a logical continuation of the previous one. A casual bag simply has to be a sock. But the liked not very practical model may well be the way out.
  • Sizes . Clutches and small bags should be left for the summer. And the thing is not only that against the background of massive outerwear they look ridiculous. In winter, we take more necessary things, sometimes we put gloves and a scarf in our bag. This does not mean that you need to buy a shapeless bag. But at the same time, spaciousness is an important criterion.

In order not to look ridiculous, while not experiencing practical discomfort, pay attention to the above factors when choosing a bag for the winter. As you can see, it is quite possible to combine beauty and practicality.

What bag to choose for a down jacket

When choosing an accessory for a down jacket, it is worth considering the color scheme, the style of the down jacket and the material from which the bag is made. Consider each item in more detail.

Pay attention to color

Of great importance is color. The right shade helps create a complete image. It is important to know a few nuances here.

  • The traditional winter colors for handbags are black, saturated blue and green, gray, brown and burgundy . They look great against the background of both dark and light jackets.
  • The down jacket and bag can well be sustained in one palette. But, so that they do not visually merge, it is better to choose different shades. For example, a mint-colored jacket will look good with an emerald bag. And a dark blue backpack is perfect for a dark blue down jacket.
  • You can beat black and gray down coats in contrast by picking a bright orange or red accessory for them. And balance the image of a glove or scarf of the same shade.


Light bags are appropriate only with light jackets. However, they should not be too small and frankly summer.

We select a bag for the style of a down jacket

When choosing an accessory for a winter jacket, it is important to consider the style in which it is made. There can be no universal solution. Consider the options on the examples of the most popular jacket models.

  • Short sports jacket . Loose jackets to the waist or just below the hips are perfectly complemented by voluminous briefcases with a thick belt and rucksacks made of rough textile. There is no need for extra details: simplicity and democracy are the principles on which sportswear style is based.
  • Jackets casual. For everyday down jackets, medium-sized shoulder bags and rectangular handbags on handles are great. The main condition is the absence of rhinestones and sequins .
  • Classic Strict and correct classic models are favorably combined with discreet shoulder bags. If you want to add piquancy to the image, this can be done using a handbag decorated with fur. In this case, the jacket either should not have fur trim at all, or it should be in harmony in color with the fur of the accessory.

Material for the bag is important

Depending on the model of the down jacket, bags made of different materials look appropriate or not very.

  • The best option, which is suitable for any jacket, will be good quality leather - natural or artificial.
  • Handbags with fur are a privilege of classic models.
  • Fabric bags look good with sports down jackets or with a casual style. In this case, the bag should be close to the classics.
  • Suede, which is suitable for everyday and classic jackets, looks very dignified, even noble.

The most popular are artificial leather models; they attract with a low price and a large assortment.

What bags are with a down jacket: indicative photos

In conclusion, we offer to see what accessories today's fashionistas with down jackets wear. Photo selection is a great opportunity to present future details of your image, inspired by the examples of others. And remember, no matter what thing you choose, the main thing is that you like it first of all.