What bag to meet fall 2019

It is impossible to imagine a beautifully dressed woman without an elegant accessory - a bag. She complements the outfit, makes the image complete, graceful. The bag has become a necessary addition, with some emphasis in the overall gamut of color and shape. Fall 2019 will be marked by completely new trends in the fashion world . And most importantly, the upcoming autumn gives us an unusual variety of accessories!

Women's bag shape, relevant for fall-2019

Models are very practical, new geometry . The variety of forms has acquired an extraordinary scope!

  • Round. Volumetric “caskets”, “barrels”, “buckets”, “loaves” are convenient and stylish.

  • Trinkets. A chic idea, an unexpected design move when creating small models.

  • Boxes. “Boxes”, “chests” differ in spaciousness and rare charm.

  • Polygons . The rectangular shape is replaced by pentagons, rhombuses on a chain, triangles, pyramids, cubes, anticipating the accessories of the future.

  • Accordions. Like accordion furs took a different shape. Stylish, beautiful, new. Some will see the idea of ​​a bootleg in this.

  • Pouches . "Backpacks" are back. The emphasis is on functionality, practicality, spaciousness, originality.

  • Unexpected forms. “Caps”, “bundles of banknotes”, “crocodiles”, “puppies”, “pears”, “tubes of toothpaste”, “playing machines” embody the interests of modern society. These are couture pranks, a gift from childhood.

  • Classic. Volumetric models still look stylish and unusual.

  • Hobo. Soft, feminine forms attract many fashionistas.

  • Handbag on the bag. The model led the fashionistas to complete delight!

  • Tiny models . “Sack”, “case”, “pouch”, “iron box” can be worn on the neck, shoulder, belt, wrist.

Fashion Bag Material

The trend includes models created from such materials.

  • Fur. Many people liked the new solution. The material adds volume, pleasant to the touch. Length varies from ultrashort to long. Current models are painted in 1-2 tones. Striped models look especially luxurious.

  • Leather and suede . Genuine leather is always in fashion! And artificial is practical and inexpensive. And suede gives elegance.

Advice! Pay particular attention to snake skin or bloodsucker skin. Such skin in the fall of 2019 is at the peak of popularity.

  • Plastic This year, fashionable transparent splendor in the hands.

  • Bologna. The idea of ​​quilted jackets continued to exist. Outerwear bags are also offered by renowned designers.

  • Metal Miniature boxes that went into fashion this season will not lose their relevance in the fall.

Decor: what will be fashionable in fall-2019

Designers suggest decorating trending products in their own way. If you want to have a fashionable handbag, pay attention that it has one or more relevant details.

  • 3D flowers made of wool, leather and satin. There is a feeling that fresh flowers are attached to the bag.

  • Graceful castles . An unexpected and daring move!

  • Logo on the bag: from Versace, Louis Vuitton.

  • A long fringe that gracefully adorns the item. It looks beautiful and catchy.

  • Chains instead of a strap - very stylish!

  • Wide belts that are embossed, grommets, rivets, logos.

  • Stamping on the skin: tiger stripes, leopard spots, zebra skin, reliefs under the skin of animals.

Coloring and prints

The fall season will please with an abundance of bright colors. Saturated color, contrasting solutions from couturiers are suitable not only for stylish girls, but also for older ladies. Autumn 2019 will be able to surprise many women.


  • Well-known brands have focused on the classics . It is black, white and burgundy .

Reference! The geometry of the classic models remains rectangular or square, but with a large volume.

  • The space direction is implemented in mother-of-pearl, silver tones, metallic products. Models with light, neon bags in the fall will be in women's hands.
  • The riot of colors, monochromaticism (the predominance of one color) and duality (the use of two shades) in color solutions, color blocking (a combination of three or more colors), subordinate to one theme, will make autumn boring and warm.
  • In addition to the classics, the emphasis is on lemon, brown, blue, green colors . Contrasts and harmonious combinations were combined on the bags of a new generation.


  • The home theme is expressed in a checkered pattern . The new look is due to complex geometry, unexpected selection of colors.

  • A completely new trend was manifested in the decor with bright words and phrases, applications . The motives of the cosmos, predatory animals, futurism are used.

  • Well-known manufacturers design the product with a goose foot print. It is popular and appropriate on any model.

  • A predatory print is in fashion: embossed under a leopard, under the skin of a zebra.

Fashionistas can only choose from a huge number of models their own, which will be better than others to combine with the image.