What is this? Awful images of stars in swimsuits

The stars of cinema and show business are people like us, and they are not alien to rest as ordinary people. They also love to relax on the beach with their friends and family, swimming and sunbathing. But the status of the star leaves a certain imprint and on such days, the paparazzi tirelessly follow the media person, looking for possible misses.

Swimsuit and its varieties

Swimsuit is a comfortable elastic clothing for staying in the water. Designers today have presented a huge number of varieties and styles of this item of women's wardrobe. The product can be selected for any figure so that it successfully outlines the silhouette, exposing the dignity of the figure.

The most popular are:

  • separate (they are a product of two parts - a bodice and swimming trunks, which can have different decor and fastening on the body; bikinis, mini-swimwear, a bando are distinguished here);
  • fusion (one-piece swimsuit that completely covers the body from the chest to the buttocks, leaving the arms open);
  • monokini (a cross between the first two varieties, has a separate bodice and swimming trunks that are connected along the stomach with an openwork or decorative insert);
  • for the pool (maximally closed one-piece swimsuits are usually welcomed here, which leave the shoulders open for freedom of movement, separate swimsuits consisting of a closed top and mini shorts are also popular).

Important! Almost any kind of swimsuit can be successfully selected for any type of figure. The only exceptionally lush young ladies are an exception. In their case, it is better to choose fusion products with prints and decoration that hide the flaws of the figure.

Stars often neglect the advice of stylists and fashion designers, deciding to put on the beach a completely inappropriate thing. Photographers do not doze off and collect entire collections of famous personalities who look inappropriately.

Top 5 most unfortunate star images on the beach

All fans are eagerly awaiting the star-filled beach exits, and the paparazzi are not asleep. Therefore, photos without photoshop constantly appear in various presses, which present everyone’s favorite characters on the television screen in an unfavorable light. We have collected the 5 most unfortunate beach images.

Irina Shayk

The model of Russian origin has an enviable figure and appearance and is in excellent physical shape. But the choice of a swimsuit while relaxing in Mexico clearly let her down. The girl decided to choose a bikini, whose bodice was clearly too small for the model’s lush chest. Photographers immediately took the chance and photographed the star in the most unsightly angles.

Courtney Stodden

Courtney decided that going out in a swimsuit decorated with lettuce leaves would be the most successful and attractive. The girl has an enviable figure, but her choice of bikini greatly let her down. The outfit looks ridiculous and unattractive.

Lady Gaga

The physical form of the scandalous singer and songwriter is quite good, but, choosing a knitted swimsuit, the singer completely spoiled the impression of her figure close to ideal. In addition, two tailed ponytails made the girl completely asexual.

Mariah Carey

The singer has never been distinguished by chiseled forms, but this does not stop the girl. She is a "master of sports" on access to the beach in unsuitable swimsuits. One vivid example is a black monokini with a thin connecting part over the stomach. Such a swimsuit made Mariah too voluminous and shapeless.

Lindsey Lohan

The image of Lindsay on the beach, consisting of a wedding bodysuit and grandmother's leggings amazed all fans of the young actress. He looked terrible, his chest almost fell out of the bodice. At the same time, the star’s figure has long ceased to be attractive and literally shouts about the need to go to the gym.

Looking at these 5 stars, I would like to give them advice to go to the stylists and listen to their opinion. After all, it is clearly seen that the choice of a swimsuit was very unsuccessful. In most cases, bathing goods emphasize all the shortcomings, reliably hiding the virtues of the figure.