What are thick-soled shoes called?

Shoes with thick soles have long and firmly entered the world of fashion, becoming a true standard of urban style. Despite the already impressive variety of different models with massive soles, designers are constantly supplementing their collections with new extravagant elements.

The prototype of women's shoes with thick soles - berets

Boots with rough thick soles got into the wardrobe of the fair sex from the men's military arsenal.

The classic prototype of almost all female models of boots with thick soles are berets - shoes for the military .

What is the name of shoes with thick soles?

Recently fashioned shoes with thick soles have different names depending on the features of the model. Among the available variety, the following names can be distinguished:



Shoes on a flat, slightly thickened rubber sole. This is a unisex option, equally suitable for both girls and boys. This type of shoe is also called creeps, creepers or flatforms . Creepers are harmoniously combined with trousers and skirts of various lengths. They produce similar shoes in various versions. The most popular are white shoes.

Reference! Flatforms, unlike closed creepers, can be found both in the form of boots and in the form of summer options for shoes.

Chelsea Creepers

Initially, the male model of ankle-length closed shoes . A characteristic feature of such shoes are rubber inserts on the sides, going from the top to almost the bottom.

Oxfords on a high platform

A fashionable version of closed lace-up shoes, complemented by a massive unformatted tractor sole . Great choice for late fall and early spring.

Apresco Ankle Boots

A kind of warm and very comfortable shoes for the winter months. Apreski are soft boots on a solid thickened sole.

Reference! Translated from French, “apres ski” means “after skiing”. Initially, the apreski was created as a comfortable option for a winter holiday in the ski resorts.


Volumetric products on a solid thick sole of a few centimeters, which are a cross between sneakers and sneakers. Patrols are made both in classic style and in bright colors with color prints and laces. Such models go well with street and sports style.

Reference! Initially, this kind of shoe was developed for skateboarders and bike bikers.

Slip on

Such models resemble their appearance with slippers on an elastic band. Slip-ons are sporty and very comfortable. It is recommended to wear them with simple but comfortable things (overalls, skinny jeans or boyfriends, cropped trousers).


An original and practical option, gaining more and more popularity every year among the fair sex. This variety of shoes is ideally suited to the office outfit and allows you to create unique images, while providing legs with convenience and comfort.

Types of platforms

The platform in such products can have almost any height. In addition, it also varies in form and material of manufacture.


Flat platform shoes reminiscent of Japanese clogs will be a great addition to any casual look. Such models will allow you to slightly increase growth, without going beyond the scope of everyday style.


This variety of the bottom of the shoe is widespread due to its anti-slip properties. Winter models on a tractor platform are an indispensable option for ice. Shoes with such a sole and lacing perfectly complement both a sporty and romantic look.


This version of the platform allows the fair sex to create the image of a woman, as if floating in the air, like a ballerina on pointe shoes. Non-trivial models of such a plan will invariably attract the attention of others.

Reference! Often, various decorative elements are inserted into a transparent platform - colored pebbles or other small objects.

High heels

Sandals and shoes with thick heels are simply a must-have for many modern fashionistas. Models of this kind allow you to make the silhouette slimmer and more elegant and create an individual and very feminine style.

Wedge heel

This variety can be attributed to the most elegant and classic versions of the rough platform. Shoes with such a sole will be an ideal option for fashionistas who prefer high heels combined with constant stability.

Thick-soled shoes are considered a significant accent in total bow. It is not recommended to combine several massive parts in one image at once. It is better not to combine oversize bags, wide belts with heavy plaques and large jewelry with shoes on a high platform.