What are smart shoes

Today, progress does not stand still and interesting innovations can be seen even in the field of fashion and clothing. A great example would be the shoes presented by the Lithuanian company Ishuu Technologies and capable of changing the color of their upper part at the touch of a button in the application or smart sneakers from Xiaomi and Li-Ning, which determine the number of steps taken and calories burned. Such smart shoes appeared recently, but already pleases many buyers.

What smart shoes do

The capabilities of smart shoes depend on its functionality. For example, smart sneakers are often equipped with a pedometer and are able to make the best training option, shoes change color, and shoes include foot heating.

Here are some examples of smart shoes:

  • Shoes by Ishuu Technologies. The model is called Volvorii Timeless and an interesting part of these smart shoes is the ability to change the color of their upper part, implemented by electronic ink technology. So far, there are only two colors of shoes: black and white, and the display is designed only for black and white drawings, but the company plans to develop the idea. It is worth noting that the presence of electronics does not increase the weight of the model, shoes are not heavier than their traditional counterparts. In the sole there is a small battery, the charge of which is enough for about six months. The device connects to the phone using Bluetooth. At the moment, the company is raising money for the mass production of shoes.
  • Sneakers from Xiaomi and Li — Ning. Unlike the previous version, smart sneakers were created not for beauty, but for active life. The shoe has a chip in which a pedometer is built-in, and the application on the phone calculates the steps, their frequency, calories burned and the distance traveled with a jog or simple walk. And also the application can interact with smart scales from Xiaomi , which will allow you to control your physiological parameters. In addition, it has the function of a voice coach. She speaks truth only in Chinese, but there will be other languages. Users sometimes complain about software imperfections and some flaws in the application.
  • Shoes No Place Like Home. Inspired by The Wizard of Oz, Dominic Willcos created shoes with a built-in GPS system that could easily bring their owner to the right place. Using LEDs, the shoes indicate the direction and distance to the point. Moreover, the left boot is responsible for the direction, and the right one for the distance (The less red LEDs are lit, the closer the target is, and the green light indicates arrival). Using a smartphone, you can choose a place, and the shoes will become a navigator to it. Starting the navigation system is done by knocking the heel on the heel, as in the work.
  • Sneaker Speaker. This type of sneakers is designed for music lovers and noisy parties. Their feature is the presence of a column built into them. This is very convenient, given the absence of the need to carry a speaker or tape recorder. Music for running shoes is broadcast from a phone connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

What style and color of clothes do smart shoes fit

In fact, smart shoes visually practically do not differ from “stupid” analogues, which means that the choice of style and color will be identical to ordinary shoes. If with sneakers everything is more or less clear that the choice of style for shoes will make you think.

Volvorii Timeless shoes are high-heeled shoes. They welcome business style, complemented by a pencil skirt, blouse or shirt. Everyday options will be brightened up with pastel trousers, skinny jeans or a small black dress.

Shoes No Place Like Home outwardly resemble male oxfords. And with them, similar styles and things look good:

  • The timeless classic is an ideal option with boots considered strict and formal. Classic suits, tailcoats, tuxedos, and trousers would be a good option.
  • But a smart - casual style would also be a great option . In this style, shoes are complemented by a check shirt or chinos.
  • Unofficial or free style will look unusual. Shoes are complemented by brightly colored trousers, jeans, sporty-looking jackets, a denim vest or cardigan.

Advantages and disadvantages of smart shoes

Speaking about the advantages, one cannot but note the huge number of opportunities provided by smart shoes:

  • Calculation of running speed, number of steps and distance traveled.
  • GPS system inside the shoe will tell you the necessary route and will not let you get lost.
  • The ability to change color fits well in any color scheme.

Convenient materials that are used in the creation, of course, are a plus of such shoes.

Turning to the shortcomings, it is worth noting the underdevelopment of the sphere of smart shoes. This implies a considerable number of shortcomings and difficulty in buying shoes, due to the small number of models. In addition, applications do not always have adaptation to world languages. For example, the voice trainer of sneakers from Xiaomi and Li-Ning has so far only Chinese, and in many applications there is no Russian-language adaptation.


Despite many shortcomings, one can safely judge that the idea will take root and in a few years smart shoes will become part of human life. Convenience and a large number of opportunities are qualities that are more than ever necessary for a modern person, and these qualities are well implemented in smart shoes, which is a good plus that allows such shoes to look confidently into the future.