What are slip-ons

Sneakers and sneakers are considered the most convenient and popular types of men's and women's shoes. However, slip-ons are not inferior to them in relevance. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they harmonize well with different images, and are quite practical to wear. Stylish appearance will appeal to both fashionistas and fashionistas. What is the peculiarity of such shoes?

What are slip-ons

Slip-ons are a type of shoes without lacing that look like sneakers. These models are worn with two rubber inserts on the sides. Typically, these shoes are made at low speed without a heel. Female models can be found on the platform. These options look good with sun skirts or loose dresses. Also, if you work in the office, but do not like high-heeled shoes, this option will fit perfectly into the office style for a business suit or dress.

The upper part of the classic slip-ons is made of thick cotton material. Today, modern models are made of genuine leather, eco-leather. There are fabric options with leather or varnish inserts. They are more relevant in wet, rainy weather.

Important! With each season, famous designers make adjustments to the design and style of slip-ons, so every year there are more and more diverse variations of such shoes.

Initially, the shoe was black and white. Today you can find monophonic options, colored, with print, rhinestones or inserts. Due to its diversity, such shoes still do not lose their popularity among women of fashion and women of different ages. In addition, many mothers prefer to choose such models for children, as they are easy to put on and take off from their legs.

The sole may be of different thicknesses. Female models are on the platform. In such shoes it is convenient to walk in wet weather, since the rubber does not let moisture in and does not deform when in contact with water.

Slip-on components

The main components of slipons are:

  • Knitted soft, lightweight upper.
  • Comfortable outsole and lift.
  • Elastic sides that make it easy to remove and put shoes on your feet.

Among the advantages of such shoes are the following:

  • Easy to clean (machine washable, wipe with a damp cloth).
  • Bright design.
  • Affordable price.
  • Good cushioning.
  • Great ventilation.

Due to their advantages and features, slip-ons do not lose popularity.

Remember! Today, different manufacturers produce female, male and children's models.

The history of the slipon

Slip-ons were first invented by Van Doren (founder of Vans). He was the first to offer people cheap, comfortable shoes with vulcanized soles. Such models were popular among skaters and surfers. Soft, practical rubber-soled shoes that do not slip were very comfortable for skateboarding.

A year later, Sean Penn starred in the movie “Easy Times at Ridgemont High”, all the fans of the actor wanted such models for themselves. After that, practical slip-ons were appreciated by people of the older generation. Highlighting that such models are practical and comfortable to wear. After such excitement, this brand of shoes was launched by famous brands (Celine, Prada, Lanvin, Givenchy, Maison Martin Margiela and others).

What are the slips made of?

Top classic options made from canvas. The sole is made of rubber. It is very practical and lasts longer than other types. Today, famous designers use leather or synthetic materials for upper shoes.

Female options have a wide variety of color schemes. They can be decorated with sequins, iron inserts. Of the most popular models, variants with a print in the form of a cage, peas or vertical / horizontal stripes are distinguished. Metallic and gold slip-on models are very popular today. They go well with different bows.

Remember! Classic models (black top, white sole) do not lose their popularity.

Differences between male and female slip-ons

The main difference between female and male models is that the first option has a lot more different color solutions. In addition, they are available in different thicknesses of the sole. Men's options are more restrained and look classic. Stylists do not cease to experiment and style unusual stylish solutions. Therefore, often in stores you can also find men's color bright models. However, they cannot always be worn under different bows.

Models of women's slip-ons

The variety of female models is simply amazing. On the shelves you can find a wide variety of options. Every season the choice is increasing. This summer, the trend is bright, rich colors. Therefore, it is better to choose gold, silver, amber, pearl, pink. This color is suitable for fashionable summer bows. Shoes can be worn safely under jeans, a dress, a skirt or leggings. A combination of skinny jeans, slip-on sneakers and a T-shirt or shirt will look stylish.

Despite the fact that saturated tones are in fashion, the classics will always be relevant. So, black, white, blue or gray color looks great with a classic look. For example, with a trouser suit. To complement the image of a strict clutch to match the shoes.

Male models

The male line, in contrast to the female, is more restrained. Calm dark tones (blue, black, brown, gray) are relevant. These shoes are stylishly combined with jeans, skinny trousers or shorts.

In the summer, you can safely wear male models of bright colors (deep blue, red, white) with knitted shorts or jeans. We put on a windbreaker or t-shirt on top. Everyday look is ready.

The men's line has a mid-thickness sole without a heel. The top is most often made of thick fabric. These shoes are perfect for a classic informal style, a romantic style or casual look. It will be indispensable in cool or wet weather.

Now the trend is red and brown options. They give the image a zest and showiness. A wristwatch and a leather belt will help to complement the image. For men over 30, it’s best to choose calm classic options.

What season is this shoe suitable for?

Slip-ons are relevant in the summer. They look stylish with summer clothes. And most importantly, easy to use. In them, the foot does not sweat, and feels comfortable when walking. They can also be worn in rainy autumn or spring weather, however, in the cold they will not save from the cold. Therefore, it is better to wear such models in the warm season.

Practical shoes at low speed do not lose their popularity. It is very practical, has an affordable price, which is important. In addition, a variety of colors, a stylish style allows you to combine slip-ons with skirts, pants or shorts.