What are skinny pants

Modern designers regularly offer new ideas to replenish the wardrobe. The jeans and pants market has a wide variety of choices. One of the latest innovations was skinny pants that instantly won the hearts of fashionistas and gained a solid position in the wardrobe.

What is skinny

Skinny - these are narrow pants of a special style. Their main characteristic is the minimum width of the legs.


The pants got their name due to the unusual cut. Translated from English, the word skin is translated as “skin”.

They are so tight to the body that they look like a second skin . This feature contributed to the appearance of the name of the style.

Appearance story

Many fashion historians have suggested that the pants of the military of the 18th century became the founder of such a product.

This model of military trousers was made of elk skin, they were distinguished by a dense texture and full fit. A little later, they got the usual name for us leggings.

Over time, leggings went out of use, they were replaced by more comfortable and free leggings.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the style underwent a number of significant changes; various fasteners, buttons, pockets were added. Fashion designers of that time modernized ordinary leggings in skinny trousers and introduced them to the basis of women's wardrobe.

The originality of the model

Features of the cut

The main feature of the skinny is their cut. They are distinguished by narrowing downwards and full fit of the leg .

Help Most models are shortened. The length of such products reaches the ankles.

Some models feature a looser top and narrower hem. This mainly applies to classic style products.

As a rule, these wardrobe items are not decorated with additional accessories and use monophonic materials when sewing . The only exception may be the presence of pockets.

As a material, many fashion designers use elastic fabrics . For example, stretch or denim. They stretch well, fit snugly to the body and correct figure flaws.



In the modern market you can find not only classic skinny pants .

In addition, this style is used when sewing other products:

  • everyday;
  • jeans;
  • sports.

They differ in colors and fit.


Many wardrobe items have a popular now high waist, some models are presented in the original version with a standard fit . On the shelves of fashion stores you can also find women's pants or low-waist skinny jeans.


The color scheme is wide variety.

Pastel shades are suitable for creating a classic or casual look. Harmoniously fit into a casual outfit.

Jeans of this style provide a large set of color variations and with a combination of attire. They can be used to create a casual, evening or feminine look by correctly arranging all the components of the outfit.

Black leather pants will look perfect as a basic element in creating an outfit for attending a party, disco or concert.

Reference: ripped skinny jeans with elements of scuffs are very popular.

Who would suit skinny pants

This type is distinguished by its versatility.

For girls

With the proper selection of outfits and accessories, it is suitable for girls with any type of figure .

  • High women are suitable jeans or trousers with any fit . Jeans with small twists look especially impressive. They can be combined with high-heeled shoes, sneakers, sneakers or slippers.

Important: girls with very thin legs should better refuse this type of trousers. This combination will emphasize the shortcomings of the figure, and not hide them.

  • Miniature girls should take into account the fit of the product when buying. The high waist visually makes the legs shorter, hiding several centimeters of growth. Better to use pants with a standard fit . The use of shoes or ankle boots with heels will give the image of femininity, visually make the legs slimmer and longer.
  • Ladies with curvaceous forms should approach the choice of skinny with great care . An illiterate combination of things can cause the identification of all the flaws of the figure. It is best to combine such pants with a voluminous top or elongated loose products . A perfect addition to the outfit would be a tunic, a loose t-shirt, a pullover or a man’s sweatshirt.

For men

Stylists offer a fashionable item not only for girls . A large selection is also provided to replenish the men's wardrobe.

They are distinguished by their versatility and convenience . They are combined with many elements of clothing, used as the main part. Among the representatives of the stronger sex, trousers and jeans of this sewing also received widespread use.


Due to its functionality and original appearance, skinny trousers quickly won the favor of fashionistas and gained solid positions in every wardrobe.

The unique cut and versatility of the product will help in creating harmonious and vibrant images.