What are short men's pants called

Men's wardrobe is a much smaller variety of choices, in contrast to women's. The number of trousers in it prevails over everything else, so they should pay more attention. In almost every season, designers present new models and styles. In this article, we will talk about cropped trousers.

Currently, most men prefer cropped or cropped jeans. The popularity of this model has increased significantly over the past few years. If before they were treated with skepticism and put on in special cases, now they are already considered a universal classic. In the USA and European countries they are called the word mankles (derived from the English word "ankle"). Another name is chinos.

Chinos - comfortable men's trousers made of cotton (the name translates as “cotton”). It is lightweight, therefore suitable for the autumn-spring period. The product is universal, stylistically neutral, suitable for any occasion. Moved into modern fashion from the wardrobe of the American and British military. Initially, Chinese fabric and two colors were used for sewing: beige and khaki. The product is equipped with spacious comfortable pockets. Due to their versatility, they are often compared to jeans.

What to wear with

Some options may look too formal, it is worth diluting them with a T-shirt and a leather jacket. Combined with shirts, sweaters, sweaters. The main thing is to choose a single style and strictly follow it when selecting the rest of the clothes. IMPORTANT that when choosing these pants, socks will always be visible. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to them: if they are long, choose a pattern that will be combined with the general style. If short - choose the right color, as they cannot be completely hidden. There is the option of using shoes without socks, but it is not suitable for cold periods and for some types of shoes.


  1. "Slim": mainly with a low fit, the feature is the visible seam line.
  2. Straight cut - for sewing use denser materials so that the thing does not crumple and does not lose shape. Landing is high, due to this, the growth visually increases. Preferred colors: neutral, pastel.
  3. “Super Slim” is a more tight-fitting option, much attention is paid to coloring: bright and catchy colors are suitable for meeting friends and walking, more calm - for business style.

Cropped pants look impressive and stylish on men. They are suitable for any type of figure, but it must be borne in mind that such a style visually shortens the legs.

The main task of such trousers is to create clear lines and demonstrate shoes.


Clothing manufacturers provide a wide range of different cropped trousers. Their sewing is different for the seasons: summer, spring, replacement trousers. Various landing options: from high to low, belonging to a certain style: from classic to military. These pants are versatile and practical, and a wide selection allows you to choose a model to suit your preferences.

It is important to pay attention to the choice of shoes, as it will be as open as possible.

The most suitable option: loafers or classic shoes. To create a more athletic and relaxed look, sneakers, sneakers, and sneakers are used. It is IMPORTANT to consider the remaining parts of the image and prevent imbalance. Also worn with laced boots or moccasins.


Initially, 2 colors were used: beige and khaki. Now considered pastel shades as classic: beige, sand, gray. They demonstrate greater compatibility. There are contrasting models: black, white.


When buying cropped trousers, you need to make sure that they are in size and fit the contract types of the figure. If they are chosen correctly, the image will look aesthetically pleasing and stylish.