What are the pockets on jeans

Jeans are quite practical and comfortable clothes, where every detail is thought out to the smallest detail. Despite the large assortment, pockets remain a constant element. Consider how they differ on male and female models, as well as their practical application.

Functional purpose of jeans pockets

Initially, they performed a purely practical role. This is an ideal place to carry and store small things: it is convenient to keep small money, keys, chewing gums, tokens for the metro or handkerchief in them. Therefore, attention is paid to the reliability of the seams, spaciousness and ease of location. Also, pockets perform a decorative function.

IMPORTANT! Brand-specific lines are applied to the fabric or left “empty”.

What are on male models

Men’s products are more conservative than women’s. On classic men's jeans, there are usually five pockets: four of them are used for their usual purpose, and the fifth is much smaller in size than the others. It is a tiny detail that often raises questions and even bewilderment. However, functional departments may not exist at all, and their maximum is unlimited.

Youth models in casual and military styles differ in this respect. They are popular due to the large number of both internal and external overhead elements. Moreover, despite their impressive volume, they are often used only for decoration.

ATTENTION! A small pocket on jeans first appeared in 1873, and Levi's produced a similar product.

Which can be found on female models

These products are the most diverse and tight. Therefore, women use pockets for their intended purpose extremely rarely. Most jeans have two back pockets. On women's clothing there can be only one - right or left. Depending on the manufacturer and design, they come in various sizes and configurations. Models for the fair sex are richly decorated with rhinestones, embroidery, thermal stickers, lace and other decorations.

REFERENCE! In female styles, they often make an imitation, since even a mobile phone or money invested in them on the body already looks ugly.

Pockets are an indispensable attribute of both men's and women's jeans. Each brand seeks to bring their own distinctive features to them. However, their main practical function remains unchanged.