What are palazzo pants

Back in the fifties of the twentieth century, fashion designer Emilio Pucci from Italy presented wide women's trousers with a high waistline to the world. The show took place in the Pitti Palace - this is how the name of the new product came about. Prior to this, trousers were considered exclusively a male element of the wardrobe.

What are palazzo pants

Marlene Dietrich styled the wide pants, which she began to wear one of the first . Ladies quickly picked up the idea, and these trousers, which had the second name Marlene, gained great popularity.

The main feature of the cut

Palazzo - long trousers with very wide trousers. Their length reaches the floor. Models differ only in landing height.

The model is distinguished by a wide cut of trousers with a flare from the hip . They have different leg widths.

Among fashionistas, the style is quite popular, due to its versatility, as it suits any type of female figure . They are very convenient in everyday life, comfortable to wear, create an unforgettable image .

Varieties of model

The main difference between the models is related to their fit. It can be high or low.

High-waist trouser models are characterized by such features.

  • Elastic band sewn inside the girdle.
  • Strap.
  • Folds and tucks that make on light, flowing material. Usually they start from the line of the abdomen and end on the hips.
  • The presence of inside pockets on the sides.

Features of products with low landing are as follows.

  • Low waistline.
  • Elastic at the waist.
  • Wide belt made of elastic material. It is used as a decorative element.
  • The use of volumetric textured buttons on the hips.

Decoration and decor

Palazzo trousers made of soft and lightweight materials are suitable for ladies with any figure . Solid fabrics are suitable for slim girls. The lowered waist on the pants will look more advantageous on full figures.

Important! Drawing on fabric, a colorful print makes the figure heavier and shifts the proportions of the figure. Therefore, corpulent women should better avoid them.

For the right choice of material from which the palazzo is sewn, it is important to know what type your figure belongs to. Then it’s easier to decide on a style that is right for you. And also to choose a silhouette and trim options that will look advantageous.

  • Full figure (apple) : your version is trousers made of flowing, lightweight material. As a finish, drapery with elongated pinches on the waistline is suitable . As well as the use of a waistline belt.
  • The silhouette with a heavy bottom (pear) is characterized by wide hips and small shoulders. Accordingly, choose styles with a low waist. Not very wide cut recommended. Avoid colorful material coloring. The folded folds around the waistband will hide overweight . For the top, choose voluminous styles that are comfortable with the freedom provided.
  • The figures resembling a triangle and having a narrow waist, you can afford the widest trousers that visually resemble a skirt. Both thick and silk fabrics can be your option. Patterns, diverse decor, bright color - you can use everything, without limitation. Side pockets, belt, button trim for this style will be appropriate.

The fabrics from which the palazzo is sewn

When sewing this model of trousers, a variety of fabrics are used. Main subcategories of paintings:

  • lungs (summer);
  • heavy (winter).

Attention! It is important that the fabric flows and falls in beautiful folds from the waist, and does not stand stake.

Fashion designers most often prefer silk, chiffon, knitwear and tweed .

Silk and chiffon add lightness and sexuality to the image . Therefore, most often on trousers from these fabrics make long cuts on the sides.

Knitted and chiffon make the silhouette monolithic, strict . Such pants are comfortable, practical, the figure looks more proportional, and the girls legs visually lengthen.

The main criterion for trousers is length. It should either completely cover the legs and shoes, or half if the heels are high.

The width of the legs may vary, depending on the types of tissue and directly the female figure.

Popular for palazzo prints

Prints and multicolor on the models delight with variety and original patterns.

  • Summer palazzos are often decorated with flowers and ethnic patterns .
  • Winter palazzo decorate with vertical stripes or cells.

Important! Stripes located vertically significantly stretch the silhouette and slim female figures.

Commonly used prints:

  • floral and summer motifs;
  • geometric figures;
  • various broken lines;
  • straight vertical stripes.

Palazzo Guidelines

For whom are palazzo trousers suitable?

The secret to the versatility of this model is that they fit any female type. This is possible due to the variety of material used, different fit, waistline and leg width.

You just need to correctly determine the type of figure and choose the style that suits you.

  • Thick tweed or wool trousers make the silhouette heavier, therefore they are not recommended for owners of curvaceous forms.
  • The model for chubby girls is a palazzo with a low landing .
  • Plain material with an emphasized waistline will emphasize the harmony of the ladies. Heavy pants also fit perfectly with them.
  • Dark, monochrome colors are perfect for business style and will fit into the dress code of any office.
  • In combination with a smart top, the black palazzos will become a wonderful ensemble for publication .

How to choose the right palazzo

Be sure to pay attention to the size range of clothes and buy models that match exactly your parameters.

Pay attention to the waistline. Trousers should never press in the belt and “cut” the silhouette into disproportionate parts.

Pants should not hang on the figure, since they themselves are a voluminous thing. But you do not need extra, albeit visual kilograms?

Listen to our advice, adhere to our recommendations, and admiring glances after you are guaranteed.